My name is Tricia and I am currently working as the bookkeeper for The Ancona School. Located just blocks from President Obama’s home in Hyde Park, The Ancona School is a Pre-K through 8th grade Montessori school. Bookkeeping involves keeping a paper trail of all money coming in and going out of the company. To be a good bookkeeper, one must be very organized and focus on details. I really enjoy my job and am amazed that I have this vocation. I never dreamed that I would be in this position because I never intended to have a career.

I grew up in a small town in south Texas. After graduating from high school, the Lord told me that I had to leave. I would have been glad to just stay at home with my parents. So with must fear and trembling, I walked through the open door that he provided – BibleCollege in Dallas. There I began to learn that He was the Potter and I am the clay. He uses the everyday things of our lives to make us into vessels of His choosing.

Once I married my husband, Kevin, the adventure really began. I have learned to expect some sort of change about every 5-6 years. This has caused me to continually turn to the Lord. As I look back I can see how much He has changed me along the way by putting me in situations I would never have chosen for myself.

After graduating from Bible College, we moved from Dallas to Atlanta to be part of a church plant. There I found a job as a part-time bank teller until our first child arrived. We had planned to wait a while to have children – at least until we had saved enough money to buy a house. But God had other plans. So I became a mother and began the process of learning how to be a mother. Sixteen months later, our second un-planned child arrived and Kevin went back to school. This was definitely a time of stretching – a time to say once again, “Lord, have your way. Do with me what you want.”

After years of being a stay-at-home mom, while home schooling our three children, we had an opportunity to help start a Christian school. Kevin had wanted to return to teaching so we gladly moved to Waco, TX. I was offered the position of school secretary and so I took it even though I didn’t really know much about being a school secretary. The first year I learned how to relate to parents, teachers, and prospective families. It also involved learning the school computer software, publishing a weekly newsletter, and keeping track of all student records. Sometime after the second year of school began, I was told that the school board wanted to bring the bookkeeping, which had been done by an outside person, in house. Somehow I ended up getting that work also! The CPA that worked with the school was very patient and taught me the ins-and-outs of bookkeeping.

After being the high school principal for 6 years, Kevin felt that it was time to do something different since our kids were in college or beyond, and things at the school were going well. I realized that God was going to stretch me once again. Sure enough, the Lord opened a door for us work with inner city students at a school in Chicago. So we left our comfortable small-town life and moved to the city. It took some adjustment, but when you know you are following the Potter – what does that matter??

So here I am – the bookkeeper at a secular school, surrounded by a very diverse group of people. We have teachers and parents that are Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, and Christian. These include people from Africa, Korea, China, India, and Russia, to name a few. All walks of life are accepted including gays and lesbians. Did I plan on being here? I had no idea. But God did and He is still molding and making me into a vessel of His choosing. And so I pray that I will be a light in the midst of all this. But I also wonder – what will be next?? I’m only 51 – there is time for much more!