I’m Mike. I moved to Chicago two years ago to go to school at UIC. I’m an Electrical Engineering major and will be graduating in May. I live in Tri-Taylor with my parents.

Along with school I also work part-time at Radio Shack. I got my job at Radio Shack by shot gun applying to a bunch of places via the webernets. It worked out well, because although working at Radio Shack has very little to do with the technical side of electronics and much more with retail, it does occasionally overlap.

The typical day-to-day is mostly waiting on customers and helping/watching them find what they need. My Radio Shack is located near the Pacific Garden Mission so we get a lot of traffic from the shelter. Typically these people can be the most frustrating and dissatisfied customers. I’ve recently been convicted to stop treating them differently from other people. What better way to show God’s love for them than to go out of my way and give them the best service I can despite their attitudes. This is still something I struggle with every day.

All of my co-workers were raised Catholic which seems to be a great road block to sharing my faith because they all think they know what Christianity is. I’m often faced with trying to re-explain something that they think they understand, but it almost always feels futile. I know that it’s not my responsibility to save them, so I pray that God can use me to at least plant seeds in their lives. I often pray that when we do have a conversation about something theological that God causes them to be unable to forget it or just put it out of their minds.

Later on,