My name is Megan and I have been attending Immanuel Baptist Church for a very long time.  I was born in Korea and came to the States when I was six months old and have lived in the Chicagoland area since then.

I attended UIC where I received my B.A. in Elementary Education and most recently received my Masters in Education through American College of Education.

I am a school teacher in the ChicagoPublic School system on the northwest side of Chicago. I have taught there since 1996 and have taught first grade all of those years.

As you can imagine, teaching in and of itself is very challenging yet very rewarding at the same time. This year is different for me as I am team teaching in a double sized classroom with 40 students. How team teaching works is that there are two teachers with two classrooms placed in a double sized classroom. As one teacher is teaching the entire class, the other teacher circulates and ensures that the students are on task. It can be challenging as teachers are used to being autonomous in their own classroom. By all reason and logic it should not be working, however, it has been a very good experience. The teacher that I co-teach with and I are both very type A personalities, however we both have shown a great deal of flexibility and compromise with one another, which seems abnormal J. I attribute this to God and his grace.

A typical day for me starts off with coming to the classroom roughly one hour before the students come in. I normally straighten out the classroom, prepare lessons for the coming day, and just enjoy some quiet before the mad rush of the students. We begin with taking attendance and collecting lunch money. We then go to calendar, morning story, phonics exercises, story time, a math lesson, a social studies or science lesson and reading groups. We do have recess this year which has been really fun for the students and for the teachers. One thing I have learned as a teacher is to expect the unexpected. From children having bathroom accidents, projectile vomiting, hitting, biting, crying, etc… I can never say that my job is boring.

In the whirlwind of my job, it can be very difficult to find time to focus on God throughout the day. How do I see God in my day-to-day life? It’s easy to get caught up in all of the little things I need to do as a school teacher. To try and meet the needs of all of my six and seven year olds can be overwhelming at times. I increasingly see weaknesses in myself in my interactions with my students and coworkers. It reminds me of how I need the grace of God to daily sustain me. Where I see lack of love or impatience in myself, I ask God to supernaturally give me the ability set a godly example to them and that they would somehow see Jesus in all of my actions. In the daily and simple actions that I perform with my students, I ask that God would use these small things and use them somehow to impact my students in their heart through me.