What are you doing Super Bowl Sunday?

This isn’t an invitation to an IBC football party or an IBC anti-football party – it’s just encouragement to think intentionally and even missionally about your Super Bowl plans. Super Bowl Sunday is as much an American holiday as July 4th or Memorial Day. Think about it. We gather in groups, eat traditional foods, and celebrate – or commiserate together. It’s fully a holiday complete with traditions and expectations. I even feel compelled to capitalize Super Bowl Sunday every time I write it!

Clearly SSS isn’t sacred in any way, but it is an opportunity for us to share the gospel with each other and with unbelievers.

How do we do this? Have a party! Do you have a big TV? Invite your neighbors or co-workers to your place for the game and love them with generous hospitality and warm atmosphere. Do you have a puny TV? Get yourself invited over to your neighbor’s and bring generous hospitality and love with you. Do you and your friends hate football? Host a movie night and watch a movie that might lead to some gospel-filled conversations.

The point is – let’s not waste this opportunity to love people.

Lindsey Avink

Deacon of Koinonia