Hebrew’s 13:4 “Marriage must be honored by all….”

Valentines’ Day is coming up! For the married brothers and sisters at Immanuel I’ve compiled some links that might help us celebrate our covenants in Christ and enjoy our spouses. Have fun! ~ Lindsey

Fun free or cheap events

  • The Garfield Park Conservatory annually hosts Sweet Saturdays. If you haven’t been to the Conservatory, it’s beautiful and refreshing in the winter. We went to the Sweet Saturdays last year, and it was really fun! http://www.garfieldconservatory.org/shows.htm
  • If we have snow you can cross country ski along Lake Michigan FOR FREE! I think this is the hidden gem of the Chicago Park District. Head to NortherlyIsland, park in their lot for free, and go inside the fieldhouse. You’ll find a room loaded with brand new cross country ski equipment. Find the Park District employee, and trade your ID for equipment. You’ll probably want to call for hours – it’s not really advertised.
  • The city is also offering FREE dance lessons on the Pritzker Pavilion stage in MillenniumPark. It sounds pretty cool. Click here for details.
  • Last on the outdoor list are the Park District skating rinks. Personally, I would avoid the crowds and expense of the MillenniumPark rink and walk just a little further south east to the Grant Park rink. It’s cheaper and not crowded! Here’s the info.
  • For $22, you and your honey can go to the Chicago Auto Show at McCormick Place. It’s pretty sweet and opens Valentines’ Day Weekend. There’s actually a package for tickets, flowers, and a $25 restaurant gift card, but only 100 people will get it. Click here to see the details of the package.
  • The Chinese New Year Parade in Chinatown is actually on Valentines’ Day. It starts at 12:30 and is obviously free!
  • Gentlemen, for most of you this would really be a labor of love, but if your wife is a Jane Austen lover, the University of Chicago is offering a free presentation on Jane Austen’s view of love! Could be really interesting! Click here for the time and location.
  • You could also love your spouse by loving other people together! Spend the evening with a widow or babysit for a neighbor so they can go out!

Here are some links to sermons about marriage by some great preachers. Most of them have video so you can watch them together!

Desiring God’s list of sermons about marriage.

This one by Al Mohler looks pretty good.

This is Mark Driscoll’s series from Song of Solomon.

Finally – some links on food. I think that Valentines’ Day in Chicago is way overpriced, so here are some cheaper ideas!

  • The 80s are back! Revive the fun tradition of fondue. If you don’t have pot, just set up some stools next to your stove – it’s so easy and so good! Here’s a recipe with some dipping ideas.
  • If you want to surprise your wife…I mean spouse…with a home-cooked dinner, but need ideas, here are two menu roundups that are delicious but not too complicated: