I’m Kevin. Tricia and I have been married for more than 30 years, and I still feel like the luckiest guy alive!! We moved here from Waco, Texas, in 2006. (Michael, our son, soon realized we had left – found out where we had gone and joined us in 2007.)

We moved here to work in inner-city schools. I teach at a small Christian high school on the north side of downtown. Most of the kids at our school are considered at-risk. This means they are usually no longer on track to graduate with the kids they started high school with. Many have spent time away from school for whatever reason and now want to finish and actually graduate. Teaching and working with high school kids is usually fun. It has never felt like a ‘job’ and is rarely boring.

I got involved in education after finishing a degree in something unrelated (Laboratory Science). Our church started a school and no one could understand the chemistry book, much less teach it. So they asked me, and that is how the journey began. I was working evening shift at a hospital so I taught one class in the mornings. Soon the Lord led me into this field full-time and I worked at the hospital part-time.

I used to be concerned about making an impact on the kids. I no longer spend much time thinking about that. One reason is because I teach out of a need/desire to serve the Lord and the results are really his department. I am responsible to obey – the fruit may or may not develop in the 2-3 years I am with these kids. It may not show up for a long time. I am not in this for their benefit – I am in this because it is what God has asked of me.

The main role I have is to model Christianity. The kids I teach are not terribly interested in education. They are almost all from difficult situations and almost all have had some exposure to religion. The thing most of them do not have is consistent, caring adults (especially men) who do what is best for them, hold them accountable, and encourage them to work towards a better future. I often think of the Scripture in Galatians: “Let us work for the good of all, especially for those of the family of faith.” Many of our kids don’t profess Christ, many who do seem to live a very different life than what I would consider ‘Christian’. I don’t judge them. I love them and try to live out my faith in front of them. Every year (sometimes every week) I spend significant time in prayer asking God to give me a love for these kids. It seems he is faithful to always give us one or two ‘special ones’ who keep me on my knees.

In the 3 years I have taught at this school, I have been impressed with the number of former students who have stopped in and told the staff how much the school helped them. Many are now living productive lives and love the Lord. Not all the stories have happy endings, but I know that the Lord will reach many of the kids who come through our school.