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Hello Immanuel, my name is Brian. I’ve been going to Immanuel for almost 9 years. Yes, I am one of the dinosaurs in church. I was born in New York, grew up in Japan for 12 years, came back to New York for a year, then moved to Chicago and stayed here ever since. I used to enjoy a lot of things back in my prime time like basketball, tennis, softball, bass, and drawing. Now, I enjoy cooking for people who come over and good movies.

I currently work for Calpis (it’s pronounced Karupisu, DON’T enunciate it in English, it sounds like ‘cow piss’). Everybody knows Coca-Cola here in the U.S. Calpis is something like that in Japan. It’s a soft drink which has a light, somewhat milky, and acidic flavor. The acid flavor is caused by lactic acid fermentation. With the help of sugar, it tastes very similar to yogurt. Unfortunately, I don’t work for the Drink Department, but I work for the Feed Division. It might sound very boring because it’s all nerdy and stuff, but bear with me. We have a product called Calsporin, which is a direct fed microbial product for animals. It’s based on viable spores of a non-GM strain, Bacillus Subtilis C-3102. Gut microflora and host animal health/performance are pretty much correlated to each other. Stresses like excess heat, humidity, overcrowding, aging, veterinary antibiotics, etc. increase harmful bacteria inside the gut content of animals. Adding a feed additive like Calsporin, which is picked from the natural environment, increases beneficial bacteria such as Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium. It balances out gut content and increases beneficial bacteria that leads to better performance, quality of meat, and eliminates bad odor from animals. Well, everybody eats meat right (God bless meat!!)?

To make it simple, this is the formula: Quality meat = better food for us = we are happy.

My primary vocation is being a Research Scientist. My main role is to create and conduct experimental designs in the laboratory. Probiotics and bacteriology are fairly new fields, and there are so many mysteries that need to be solved scientific-wise. It’s a little too complicated to explain so I’m not going into more technical details. In order to design good experiments, I have to foresee the result and conclusion, so a lot of thinking is involved. In addition to that, I have to do QC/QA for our feed/pre-mixed products, and sometimes I need to do some dirty work. For example: dissecting gut content, picking up fecal samples, and wrestling with animals (which can be quite dangerous). Also, I travel a lot for conferences, expos, and checking farm environments.

I’d like to share my struggle and what God has been showing me recently. I can be a workaholic. It’s not like I have this enthusiastic motto “I LOVE WORK!!!” everyday at work, however. It’s more like I have tons of stuff to do, so I’m going to finish it no matter what or how long it takes. I will not care about my life besides work while I’m working because I want to gain results and profits. Therefore, I work for very long hours and forget what time it is. A regular 40 hours a week is not enough for me, and dealing with living things and bacteria definitely won’t help since time is so scrutinized by many surprises.

God has been teaching me that He is the priority. Work can be fun (say what???) and busy, but in the back of my mind, I know I’m missing something in my life. Oftentimes, I focus on what my work/service can benefit my experience/customers/society. Another focus is being a faithful worker and being a witness to those around me. I’m sure there are times if and when I witnessed I feel like I accomplish my task as a Christian. I’m not saying these things are bad, however, God is teaching me that shouldn’t be the primary focus of why I work because He will meet all my needs and supply wonderful riches. Pretty much “Seek first His kingdom and other things will be added to you.” I’m sure everybody has heard this verse so many times, yet this is so true.

It’s very hard, but I believe God has been challenging me to truly love people and honor God instead of thinking about profitability at work. By setting my eyes and priority onto Christ, true peace is found in Jesus alone.

Thanks for reading this (you made it to the end! YAHOOO!!! Sorry, no prizes).


As citizens of the eternal City of God we are also to be the best of citizens in the temporal City of Man. In a democratic form of government like ours, part of that involves voting.

Tomorrow (2/2) is Primary Election Day in Chicago! The Tribune has put together a very helpful site so you can find your polling place, see what will be on your ballot, and research the candidates’ positions. Check it out here.

And don’t forget to vote tomorrow!

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