Hello IBC!

My name is Daniel. My wife, Rachel, and I have been members of Immanuel since December 09’ and living in Chicago since mid July 09’. After getting married in July 08’ we graduated from KansasStateUniversity (Go Cats!) in May 09’, went to East Asia for 6 weeks, then moved to Chicago 3 days later! We are now living in a high-rise apartment located in downtown Chicago, it’s been an eye-opening transition from the flat lands of Kansas! But that’s a story for another time… But in other news God has also blessed us as we are expecting a baby boy in late July/early August!! God has done so many things in our lives in the less than 2 years we have been married and I am excited to see more of His will for us here in Chicago.

Now more about the vocational stuff. I graduated from KSU with a Masters and Bachelors Degree in Architectural Engineering, a degree very different than that of an Architect. This confuses a lot of people but it’s true! In using my degree God has brought me to Chicago to work as an Electrical Engineer for a company downtown called Primera. God has placed a love for the nations (especially East Asia) in my heart and now placed me in a Cuban-American owned company that is the most culturally diverse I have ever seen! I have the wonderful opportunity to work along side people from China, South Korea, Poland, Russia, and more! It is amazing how He displaced me from everything I knew and placed my family now here in this place. It’s a career where I don’t have to sit behind a computer every day, but I get out and around the city fairly frequently and see first hand the work God creates using me.

My official name as seen on my business card is ‘Daniel Matlack LEED APBC&D, EIT’ – it’s a mouthful. Those letters don’t really mean much, but essentially I design the lighting and power systems for small and large commercial buildings like retail stores, hospitals, schools, universities, fire/police stations, industrial facilities, community centers, offices, and even harbors (I’ve done 2 that will be starting construction in/near downtown soon!). Other projects include designing power and lighting for city parks, doing daylight studies, etc… I get to create something as small as a house or as big as a skyscraper on a few flat sheets of white paper that tell the contractors how to build it into a 3D livable/workable space. Even more specifically God has given me both the education and abilities to calculate and model how light reflects within a room with light fixtures and even the sun! Believe it or not what I am able to do with lighting changes the very mood and attitude of people walking/working in a space. I don’t know about you guys, but I think it’s pretty cool!

What else do I love about it? Yes there’s more. I get to work with a variety of people with all different backgrounds and skills of their own. People like architects, engineers, salesmen, building owners and managers, monetarily wealthy, and not-so wealthy people. If I’m really lucky I can even talk to the people who will be working in the spaces I design to meet their needs exactly. I hope to cast the light of Christ onto everyone I meet at every level of my job by (in no specific order): (1) humbly serving them, even if it’s not exactly within my job description, going the extra mile to make their job easier; (2) forgiving them and showing grace, when a contractor/co-worker messes something up or forgets something – do not become angry or bitter as I myself am nowhere near perfect; (3) have joy in my heart as I do His work, I think God makes joy contagious; (4) praying for them daily (almost, just as Nathan said in his sermon…it’s hard sometimes); (5) sharing Christ who is in me with them by talking about my involvement with IBC, His affect on my life, posting verses on note cards in my cubicle.

Well somewhat wordy, but that’s a part of my life in a nutshell.

I’m excited to see where God is taking me and my family in this career and with the IBC family. God bless.