So we’ve wrapped up our 14-month project called Vocation Vignettes. Now we want to introduce a new weekly series we’re going to call Missional Moments.

Instead of essays, these will be short blurbs by or about people in our church who are doing something missional in our city. Summer weather opens up a plethora of opportunities for engaging with people. We just want to spark ideas and get the creative juices flowing for thinking of natural ways that everyone, based upon your own personality and affinities, can live a missional life-style.

Those going with the church plant are already being stretched to think this way. For those remaining at Immanuel we’ve said that this fall will be sort of like a re-plant for us too. It’s always helpful to be reminded to think outside of ourselves and given practical ideas for involvement. We need to be spurred on in our vocation as Christian citizens working for the good of the city and the advance of the gospel here. Missional Living is the title of this year’s Summer Retreat (July 9-11) and this series will provide a nice lead-in and follow-up to that topic.

Look for something in your inbox every Thursday. To get things started, check out this interview with our very own Toby, Cassie, Lawrie, Isabel, and Stella highlighting the way they have practiced hospitality as part of Lydia Home’s Safe Families Program –