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The Meeting Place is getting a new look! We are looking for 2 or 3 more people to help paint this Saturday (7/31) at 11:00 AM, preferably with painting experience and attention to detail.

Contact Holly if you’re available.

The 38th Annual Fiesta Del Sol kicks off this Thursday (8/29) on Cermak between Halsted and Ashland and runs through Sunday. It’s County Fair meets Pilsen!

Check out for more details, get some friends together, and go.

The audio from the 2010 Summer Retreat – “Missional Living” – is now online!

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The Westminster Catechism

on the Ten Commandments

FOR WEEK 6 (July 25 – July 31)

Q. Which is the sixth commandment?

A. The sixth commandment is, Thou shalt not kill.

Q. What are the duties required in the sixth commandment?

A. The duties required in the sixth commandment are all careful studies, and lawful endeavors, to preserve the life of ourselves and others by resisting all thoughts and purposes, subduing all passions, and avoiding all occasions, temptations, and practices, which tend to the unjust taking away the life of any; by just defence thereof against violence, patient bearing of the hand of God, quietness of mind, cheerfulness of spirit; a sober use of meat, drink, physic, sleep, labour, and recreations; by charitable thoughts, love, compassion, meekness, gentleness, kindness; peaceable, mild and courteous speeches and behaviour; forbearance, readiness to be reconciled, patient bearing and forgiving of injuries, and requiting good for evil; comforting and succouring the distressed and protecting and defending the innocent.

Q. What are the sins forbidden in the sixth commandment?

A. The sins forbidden in the sixth commandment are, all taking away the life of ourselves, or of others, except in case of public justice, lawful war, or necessary defence; the neglecting or withdrawing the lawful and necessary means of preservation of life; sinful anger, hatred, envy, desire of revenge; all excessive passions, distracting cares; immoderate use of meat, drink, labor, and recreations; provoking words, oppression, quarreling, striking, wounding, and whatsoever else tends to the destruction of the life of any.

For those working in or studying for the Medical Field, there’s a lunch gathering at Nathan and Andrea’s house this Sunday (7/25) after service. Free food and hopefully stimulating discussion on the unique challenges you face as well as support networking.

RSVP to ncarter if you plan to be there.

Anyone who’s interested in beaching it this Sunday following service should pack their suits and a lunch (or grab something on the way over) and meet up at 31st St. Beach (3100 S. Lake Shore Dr.) Family-friendly with plenty of parking! Feel free to bring games that can get sandy. Whoever’s interested can get there whenever and stay till whenever! Call/text Anne-Marie when you’re there.

How often do you share the gospel with people? How often do you specifically pray for the opportunity to share the gospel with people??

What would happen if we prayed every day for God to direct our paths to people in need of the gospel, to open doors for sharing the gospel with those people, and then for him to give us the boldness to walk through those doors when they open?

Have you ever considered praying consistently for two or three people by name that you have regular contact with who do not yet know the Lord? Do you think some amazing things might start happening if we all did?

Our prayers are often focused on us, and there’s a place for that, but consider including into your prayer disciplines times to pray big prayers for the advance of the gospel in our neighborhood, city, country, and around the world.

Anybody have stories of this kind of prayer working? What types of missional engagement are you doing or planning to do as a result of the retreat? Who’s next up? Email info with your Missional Moment…

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes tonight as we’ll be going out Prayer Walking for the Midweek Gathering.

As always, meet at The Meeting Place at 6:00 PM and bring food. We’ll eat together, get briefed, and then around 6:30 PM we’ll split up and go out into the neighborhood praying on site with insight.

‘WednesdaySchool’ for the kids will still happen as usual.

A few people are getting together tomorrow night (7/22) to have a ‘Noodle Party’. There will be a variety of noodle dishes, desserts, fellowship/hangout, and lots of fun. If you have any noodle dish in mind that you’d like to share, bring it, but if not then that’s ok too. Just come and have a good time J

For more details call/text/email Phyllis.

Ryan C and Daniel H are looking for one more roommate. He would have his own room in a nice, three bedroom newish unit under Toby & Cassie (Western and Rooseveltish). If interested email caseyryanchristie.