How often do you share the gospel with people? How often do you specifically pray for the opportunity to share the gospel with people??

What would happen if we prayed every day for God to direct our paths to people in need of the gospel, to open doors for sharing the gospel with those people, and then for him to give us the boldness to walk through those doors when they open?

Have you ever considered praying consistently for two or three people by name that you have regular contact with who do not yet know the Lord? Do you think some amazing things might start happening if we all did?

Our prayers are often focused on us, and there’s a place for that, but consider including into your prayer disciplines times to pray big prayers for the advance of the gospel in our neighborhood, city, country, and around the world.

Anybody have stories of this kind of prayer working? What types of missional engagement are you doing or planning to do as a result of the retreat? Who’s next up? Email info with your Missional Moment…