It’s Anna. I have a hairdresser that Philip referred me to. Philip met him from his work and he is a really great hairdresser. He loves doing hair and he’s really good at it. I can see that he truly enjoys his work and I feel great when I leave the salon. It’s like a mini vacation.

He is not the cheapest guy, and I have been seeing him for maybe 2 years or more, every 3-4 months (probably more often than I see some of my girlfriends), and even though I love the way he does my hair, I keep going to him because I pray for him and I want him to come to Christ.

Every time I see him we chat about business and life. He knows the kind of person I am. I am waiting for the opportunity that Mike talked about at retreat, where a person trusts you enough to discuss a situation that leads back to that person’s relationship to Christ.

I feel like every time I go to him, give him a referral, or support his business activities, I am building trust and respect that either begs the question ‘why’ or gains the opportunity to give an honest answer to tough questions. AND, at the very least (and I hope it is more than this) I have the opportunity to pray for God’s impact on his life.

So, I am overdue for a haircut, and will be seeing him soon; it is a missional salon visit.