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The Marathon is coming up soon (Sunday, October 10th). As in years past, we will be cancelling our morning service that day.

Instead we will be expanding Sunday Evening Prayer Meeting on the 10th into a church-wide cook-out and combining that with a time to reunite with those who went out with our first church plant.

As you may know, we sent out 9 members at our Summer Retreat this July to start Christ Redeemer Community Church, but for a variety of reasons that had to shut down earlier this month. Several of the core group members are already back at Immanuel. The others are taking their time to process and determine what God would have for them at this stage in their lives. But everyone will be joining us for this cook-out on Marathon Sunday. Come early to visit with them and hear how they’re doing. We’ll wrap up the evening with a time of prayer together.

When: October 10th, 2010 starting at 5:00 PM and ending at 7:30 PM

Where: Nathan & Andrea’s (1130 W. 17th Street #3)

What to Bring: more details to come (we’ll need grills, food, chairs, etc…)

Greetings all,

This will be the first of a series of weekly e-bulletins (usually on Friday’s) which I hope will be a great encouragement to us as a church to live out of God’s great gospel within the UIC Area. My prayer is that this will not be just another e-mail that clutters up your inbox and which is immediately deleted because life is simply too busy. Rather, I hope this will be truly helpful to you as you seek ways to make Christ known in your specific context. Here’s what you can generally expect each week:

  • A few highlights concerning potential places of missional engagement within the UIC Area. This week, if you’re interested in volunteering as a mentor or tutor I would encourage you to check out the Mercy Home for Boys and Girls, just north of the UIC campus at 1140 W Jackson Blvd. This looks like a neat opportunity!
  • A brief calendar of important/interesting upcoming events. Here’s one – the 40th Annual Pilsen East Artists Open House (Oct. 1-3). This is a big deal!
  • Any resources that I find especially helpful. I’d check out if I were you. It’s sweet!
  • A fun fact concerning the UIC Area to remind each of us of the unique nature of where we live and to spur us on to love the community more. For instance, Foreign Policy magazine recently released its Global Cities Index 2010. “The index aims to measure how much sway a city has over what happens beyond its own borders – its influence on and integration with global markets, culture, and innovation.” Did you know that Chicago ranks 6th out of all the cities in the world! What a great place to proclaim the Good News of Christ!

Though much of this can be found at the website, the purpose of this weekly update is to keep you all posted as new ideas are circulated. This in mind, if you have not yet checked out the website, I hope that you will do so. As well, if you would find it helpful to receive more community events in the form of a tweet, then check out and sign up to follow the username UIC_Area.

Wrapping up, if any of you have comments concerning how to improve the site or thoughts on ways to minister our neighborhood, call (785.443.2901) or e-mail me (andrewmyers), and I would be extremely excited to hear your suggestions.

May God truly make us at Immanuel a multiplying community that enjoys and proclaims the Good News of Christ in this great city of Chicago!

Andrew Myers



Want to be part of a potluck mixer to get to know new people in the church? Sign up on the refrigerator at The Meeting Place this Sunday or email You’ll be assigned to a group of 8 that will have a meal together in October.

‘Dinners for 8’ is back! Here’s how it works:

(1) You sign-up in September.

(2) Everyone is assigned to a group of 8 people.

(3) Your group sets a date in October to get together for a potluck in somebody’s home.

This is a great way for those new to Immanuel to get to know people and for those already in the body to get to hang with those they might not see very often.

Sign up any Sunday in September at The Meeting Place or by emailing Holly at hbrave71.

Indicate whether you are available to be a host for the dinner.