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Hey Everyone,

Just two things for you to especially take note of this coming week:

1.) The UIC Area is in Police District 12. Find your local beat, crime stats, and when your next C.A.P.S meeting is by going here. These are chances to hear from your local cops on what the major issues are in your neighborhood and also to tell them what you’re seeing.

2.) This Tuesday is Election Day. If you are wondering where you should go to vote, you can simply type in your address


How great are his signs,

How might his wonders!

His kingdom is an everlasting kingdom,

and his dominion endures from

generation to generation.”

Let’s glory in Christ this week,
Andrew Myers

This Sunday is Halloween. For our Sunday Evening Prayer Meeting we will be meeting at Adam & Sara’s old apartment at 6:00 PM and from there heading out to do Prayer Walking (costumes allowed). We will be meeting back at Adam & Sara’s new apartment (2 houses down) at 7:00 PM to pray together and bless them in their new place.

  • A few highlights concerning potential places of missional engagement within the UIC Area: The Rudy Lozano Library has just re-opened on 18th street with some great events going on throughout the week. Also, I would mention that the Jane Addams Hull House offers a free meal every Tuesday from 12-1:30PM with discussions around social justice. Learn more here. Lastly, you might consider being a volunteer at the Chicago Lighthouse on Roosevelt where they offer programs to help the blind and visually impaired.
  • A brief calendar of important/interesting upcoming events: This Saturday you can check out the October Festival at the 21st and SangamonCommunityGarden. More info is here. Along with that, there are many many opportunities to be in the community for Halloween. As an example, consider some of events taking place in local parks.
  • This week’s helpful resource: Explore the website of the University of Illinois at Chicago. Here’s their event calendar.
  • Do you know… The story of the 1877 Battle of the Viaduct. Read about it here.
May the gospel bring great peace to this great city, and may you be stunned by the gospel of peace this week!

Andrew Myers

If you’ve been coming to Immanuel for awhile and you’re not a member yet, be sure to pick up a copy of Joining the Mission next Sunday or get it online here and go through it.

There will be a Mission Class after service on Sunday, November 7th, for all those interested. Food will be provided. Hope to see several of you there!

Instead of Sunday Evening Prayer Meeting this Sunday (10/24), we’re encouraging people to attend a city-wide worship service at 6:00 PM at ArmitageBaptistChurch (2451 N. Kedzie).

So, no Prayer Meeting this Sunday.

Come to the annual worship gathering of the Chicago Metro Baptist Association to join with a diverse group of brothers and sisters from all parts of the city.

  • A few highlights concerning potential places of missional engagement within the UIC Area: “Make a difference and help people with disabilities achieve their goals.” Consider volunteering at Easter Seals Metropolitan Chicago at 1001 Roosevelt. Also, Paulie’s Place on 18th and Union has karaoke night each Friday from 9:00 PM to 1:00 AM.
  • A brief calendar of important/interesting upcoming events: This weekend, another open studio, this time on 18th Street in Pilsen. Don’t miss out! Also, the Chicago Park District offers more than 50 Halloween events this year. That’s a lot! Check them out.
  • This week’s helpful resource: Two Resources. First, here is another helpful site if you are looking to understand better the 25th Ward. Second, I would just point out Spread Truth, which offers some great resources for help in understanding and sharing the gospel.
  • Did you know… Chicago’s own Jane Addams, founder of the Hull House (which is found in the UIC Area), was the first American woman to win the Nobel Prize for Peace (1931). The Hull House opened in 1889 to aid Chicago immigrants. You can learn more about Jane Addams here.

Have an amazing week everybody. Treasure Christ!


Adam & Sara Smith are moving. And if anybody is looking for a good apartment with GREAT neighbors :), they should consider their old apartment. (The Smiths will be living only two houses away!) You can check it out here:

If anybody is able to help them move, HOPEFULLY on Halloween weekend, that would be awesome. I say hopefully, because they’re not sure yet if they can begin moving their stuff in before their official November 1st move-into-their-new-apartment date. But if you’re free on Monday, 11/1 (in addition to the aforementioned weekend), they’d love any help from you strong and nimble IBCers. There may be free food offered to those who help out too.

The Meeting Place is in need of decorating and we’d like your help. We’d like to showcase pictures from around the city. If you’d like to see yours on display please submit them in digital format to adamsarasmith.


No service this morning.

Cook-out at Nathan & Andrea’s at 5:00 tonight. BYOMeat and side/dessert and if you have camping chairs bring them too!

  • A few highlights concerning places of missional engagement within the UIC Area: Honky Tonk BBQ has live music each Friday starting at 7:30 PM and on occasion brings in other bands throughout the week! Check out their website
  • A brief calendar of important/interesting upcoming events: 10/10 – Don’t forget about the Marathon this Sunday. There’s no church in the morning, but consider going to watch the race somewhere. Simone’s on 18th, for example, is opening at 9:00 AM and serving brunch as the Marathon goes right by here [e-mail me (
    if you’d be interested in hanging at Simone’s this Sunday]. 10/16 – On the 16th, clear your calendar from 10:00 AM until 2:00 PM to help out with the ‘2nd Ward Clean & Green’ day. Check | ‘Latest News’ to find more info and a meeting location near you.
  • This week’s helpful resource: Ever attended a CAPS meeting? Find a meeting near you. Meet with area police. Hear about the concerns in your area and share your own. Be engaged for the peace of the city!
  • Did you know… From the Chicagoist blog: “Today marks… the 129th anniversary of the Great Chicago Fire. Reams upon reams of paper have been spent chronicling one of the seminal events in Chicago’s history. We’ll refer you over to the Chicago History Museum’s online portal for all things regarding the fire for reference.”

“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in Christ with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places, even as he chose us in him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and blameless before him.”

In light of this breathtaking grace, may we fill the community with praise to His Name,

Andrew Myers