• A few highlights concerning potential places of missional engagement within the UIC Area: The Rudy Lozano Library has just re-opened on 18th street with some great events going on throughout the week. Also, I would mention that the Jane Addams Hull House offers a free meal every Tuesday from 12-1:30PM with discussions around social justice. Learn more here. Lastly, you might consider being a volunteer at the Chicago Lighthouse on Roosevelt where they offer programs to help the blind and visually impaired.
  • A brief calendar of important/interesting upcoming events: This Saturday you can check out the October Festival at the 21st and SangamonCommunityGarden. More info is here. Along with that, there are many many opportunities to be in the community for Halloween. As an example, consider some of events taking place in local parks.
  • This week’s helpful resource: Explore the website of the University of Illinois at Chicago. Here’s their event calendar.
  • Do you know… The story of the 1877 Battle of the Viaduct. Read about it here.
May the gospel bring great peace to this great city, and may you be stunned by the gospel of peace this week!

Andrew Myers