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In 2011 the Elders are working to develop a more thorough plan for Leadership Development in the church. One component of that is monthly Table Talks.

These happen the second Saturday of every month over lunch at Nathan & Andrea’s house.

They are chances for anyone in the church to come and engage in an open discussion of some theological topic over food.

On Saturday, 2/12, we will have our second Table Talk. The topic will be “The God Who Speaks: Scripture, Revelation, Authority, Inspiration, and Inerrancy.”

Come one, come all!


Any photographers out there? Have you taken any pictures of the UIC Area? Or could you?

Send what you can to webmaster. We’re looking for several representative snapshots of our neighborhood to put up on and help to make it less generic.

From @immanuelchicago on Twitter

  • #IBCserm Just this today from Romans 9:30-33 - "Being told to believe instead of achieve is humanity’s biggest pet peeve." 2 days ago
  • This coming Sunday (5/20) is Table Talk so plan to stick around for lunch. 1 week ago
  • #IBCserm Just this today from Romans 9:24-29 - "God can save anyone and God will save someone." 1 week ago
  • #IBCserm Just this today from Romans 9:19-23 - "Don’t get upset at God; be grateful and glorify him for his undeserved grace." 2 weeks ago
  • #IBCserm Pastoral Apprentice Enoch Chan preaching today from Romans 9:14-18! 3 weeks ago