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On the second Saturday of every month, Nathan & Andrea cook up some food and open up their dining room table for church people to come over and participate in a round table theological discussion. We’ve covered topics from the Trinity to homosexuality and over the next five months we’ll be discussion the ‘five points of Calvinism’ (TULIP).

So come on Saturday, September 10th, at noon to talk about Total Depravity. What does this mean? What does it not mean? Can we do anything good? Can we still speak of human dignity? In what ways? We’ll be having an open discussion of these questions and more! Come one, come all.

This week Small Groups kick back off at Immanuel. If you haven’t joined one, this is a great time to jump in.

We currently have 4 different Small Groups that meet in people’s homes throughout the UIC Area:

TUESDAYS in Tri-Taylor at the Matlacks’. Contact tri-taylor for more information.

WEDNESDAYS in East Pilsen at the Smiths’. Contact eastpilsen for more information.

WEDNESDAYS in Pilsen at the Poes’. Contact pilsenwednesday for more information.

THURSDAYS in Pilsen at the Carters’. Contact pilsenthursday for more information.

Anyone who currently serves (or would like to) via Set-Up Crew, Tear-Down Crew, Welcoming Team, Sunday School, and/or Kids’ Corner should plan to stay after the service this Sunday (8/21) for a very brief run through of each of these roles and what they will look like in the new space.

If you’ll be there, RSVP to info at immanuel dash baptist dot net indicating so.

We’ll be helping Toby & Cassie welcome Kingston Emmanuel by taking them scrumptious meals! If able, feel free to sign up to take them dinner….Here’s their Care Calendar logon info:
Calendar ID: 83713
Security Code: 1435

If you have any questions, email Ellan.

Join Toby & Cassie in praising God for their new little boy – Kingston Emmanuel. He weighed in at 7lb 10oz, measuring 20 in, and was born on 8/10/11 at 6:12 AM.

Care Calendar details coming shortly…

Daniel H’s girlfriend is looking for an apartment to lease and/or Christian, female roommate(s) to live with in the UIC Area this school year. If you have any possible leads please send Daniel an email. Mahalo!

If anyone has any pictures from either the retreat or the move (or anything else in church life) that they’d be willing to share, you can post them on the Immanuel Baptist Church Facebook page!

On the 2nd Saturday of every month there’s an informal round table discussion of some theologically geared topic over food at Nathandrea’s. It’s for anyone!

This month the topic is Counseling. We live in a city-center context that is very psychologized. A significant percentage of people go to some kind of counseling or therapy, or have. How should the Christian approach this? Is this an area that the church is ill-equipped to handle? Or does the Bible have something to say about the ‘psyche’ (Greek word for ‘soul’ from which we get ‘psychology’)? How can we integrate Freud and Jung and Maslow with Jesus and Paul and Peter… or should we? These are the kinds of questions we will discuss, and more!

Noon on Saturday at Nathandrea’s!

So we had our first Sunday in the new space and overall it went very well. Several people had ideas for ways to tweak things (i.e. get paper towel holders for the bathrooms, turn the track lights so they don’t shine in people’s eyes, etc…). These are great ideas! We thought it would be good if everyone emailed their ideas over the next few weeks to Nathan to compile them and we can begin working on them. Send in anything you’ve got! Nothing’s a dumb idea (but we may not do everything). Be patient as it will take awhile to fine tune the place, but we’re off to a great start.

Also, Holly has worked hard to redesign the IBC logo with a bit more of a ‘grown up’ font and swapping out the orange for the maroon that is on the façade of the new space. Check it out below!

If you’re free from 2:00 – 4:00 this Saturday, we could use help getting The Meeting Place on Roosevelt ready for our first Sunday service!

Let Lindsey know if you think you can come – lindsey dot avink at gmail dot com.