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If you want to consider Immanuel your church and you’re not yet a member, pick up a copy of Joining the Mission (or go here), go through it, and plan to come to the next Mission Class after service on Sunday, October 23rd.


Is anyone interested in coming to a cook-out in Addams Park (right behind The Meeting Place) put on by InterVarsity Christian Fellowship in conjunction with other local churches designed to help college students plug into churches?

It’s from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM tomorrow (Saturday, 9/24).

Let Nathan know if you plan to be there!

Hello IBC ladies!

Anna Wagler is hosting a Ladies night this Saturday. This is a chance for IBC’s women to get to know each other and have some fun!

There will be light refreshments and drinks. Babies optional (don’t let not having a babysitter keep you from hanging out!)

Location: 2450 W. Arthington 60612 (side entrance)

Time: 7:00 PM

Please send Anna an email or text if you are planning on coming!

Don’t forget there’s a free lunch and stimulating theological discussion at Nathan & Andrea’s this Saturday. What does ‘Total Depravity’ mean? What are the implications of ‘Original Sin’? Am I really a ‘wretch’ or a ‘worm’?? Where does the ‘image of God’ fit into this picture? Human rights, self-esteem… Lots of questions. Come discuss.

Immanuel’s own Jeff, Ruth, and Braden have collaborated to record an album called No Condemnation with some original songs and some remakes of old hymns. It’s really good! You can download and listen to some of them for free here:

There Is No Condemnation
What Wondrous Love
Come Ye Sinners


From @immanuelchicago on Twitter

  • #IBCserm Just this today from Romans 8:14-17 - "The Holy Spirit assures the Christian that God is his or her Father." 2 days ago
  • Don’t forget that tomorrow is the third Sunday of the month and that means lunch for everyone after the service! 2 days ago
  • #IBCserm Just this today from Romans 8:5-13 - "The Christian has the Holy Spirit." 1 week ago
  • Save the date for August 10-12 for the annual Immanuel Summer Retreat! 1 week ago
  • #IBCserm Just this today from Romans 8:1-4 - "The Christian can RELAX... and keep walking." 2 weeks ago