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This Saturday is the first Saturday of March! Instead of inviting people in for lunch, we have a different opportunity this week. Through previous outreaches relationships have been made with neighbors who have invited us to a community meeting being held at FoscoPark from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM this Saturday. It sounds like a great way to continue building those relationships and find out more about the needs of the community members. If you’re interested in going, contact Tobias from the Near West Vineyard – tobiaslepke at gmail dot com

Immanuel was a church plant at one time and has planted one church from its own already (it didn’t make it). And now we get to be a part of the planting of two churches – Pilsen Community Church which launched last fall on 18th Street and Church of the Beloved which launches tonight at 4:00 PM at The Meeting Place. Please pray for these fledgling churches that they would be strengthened in the gospel and used to reach the lost and renew the found.

On April 23, 1865, Charles Spurgeon said to his congregation at the Metropolitan Tabernacle:

We have never sought to hinder the uprising of other Churches from our midst or in our neighborhood. It is with cheerfulness that we dismiss our twelves, our twenties, our fifties, to form other Churches. We encourage our members to leave us to found other Churches; nay, we seek to persuade them to do it. We ask them to scatter throughout the land to become the goodly seed which God shall bless. I believe that so long as we do this we shall prosper. I have marked other Churches that have adopted the other way, and they have not succeeded.

C.H. Spurgeon, The Waterer Watered

Spurgeon didn’t just say this. While pastoring the Metropolitan Tabernacle, and seeing tremendous growth, he played a vital role in the planting of over 200 churches in and around London. What a beautiful example of Kingdom mindedness, missional focus, and gospel passion. May God grant that we could do the same thing here in Chicago, and from here to the nations!

On the first and third Saturdays from every month people from three UIC Area churches collaborate to share the love of God in Christ with the neighbors around The Meeting Place. We have been inviting people in for a soup lunch. This Saturday some members of the Near West Vineyard have prepared candy bags to take door to door to hand out and offer prayer to people. They’ve had a good experience doing this before around Valentine’s Day. If you want to be part of it, meet at The Meeting Place at 11:00 AM for prayer before heading out…

In just over a week, a new congregation – The Church of the Beloved – will be planted in the city using The Meeting Place on Saturday nights! Immanuel has been heavily involved with this project at several levels because we want to be part of starting as many churches in Chicago in as many ways as we possibly can!

Maybe the concept of church planting is new to you. Or maybe you’ve looked at it before, but forgotten why it’s such a big deal. Please look over the fabulous article, Why Plant Churches?

It makes a great case that “a vigorous and continuous approach to church planting is the only way to guarantee an increase in the number of believers, and is one of the best ways to renew the whole body of Christ.

Also, we could still use about 4 more volunteers to help with Nursery during Church of the Beloved’s first couple services. This would be a great service to them and a tangible way you can be part of church planting! Please email kids for more info.

This Saturday (1/11) is the second Saturday of the month and that means there’s Table Talk – a no-holds-barred, yet civil discussion of some theological topic. This month we’ll dive in to ‘Dispensationalism’ together.

Specifically what is the relationship of Christians and the OT, Christians and Jews, Christians and the millennium?? Is it accurate to say that that a passage of the Hebrew Bible is about Jesus when that doesn’t seem to be what the author had in mind or the original audience understood? Does the church replace Israel? Will there be a rapture? Stuff like that… We’re anticipating that we won’t cover it all in one session J

Note: this month we will push the time up to 11:00 AM and be done by 1:00 PM. Lunch will still be served. At Nathandrea’s.

Come over to The Meeting Place at 11:00 AM tomorrow (2/4) if you’d like to help serve lunch to and have gospel conversations with our neighbors in the park.

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