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Just to make sure you’re aware: The Gay Pride Parade is scheduled for this Sunday at noon. So this note is particularly relevant for post-gathering drivers, but we should probably still anticipate some pre-gathering traffic congestion.

This is especially noteworthy for those driving from and to Northern neighborhoods. See the map at this link for details.

Our beloved Sheltons are moving on to God’s next step for them – in Texas!  We’re going to say goodbye with a grill out in Arrigo Park on Sunday, June 17 (also Fathers’ Day!) at 4:30.  Bring a blanket and a Frisbee and play for a while or just stop by.

Look for an evite to RSVP, or just email Lindsey, and let her know if you’d like to help with food.

From @immanuelchicago on Twitter

  • #IBCserm Just this today from Joshua 16-17 - "The Lord wants us to learn to love our lot in life." 1 day ago
  • #IBCserm Just this today from Joshua 13 - "We still have work to do." 3 weeks ago
  • #IBCserm Just this today from Joshua 11:1-23 - "Rest comes to those who don’t resist God, but trust him." 1 month ago
  • #IBCserm Just this today from Joshua 10:1-43 - "God is advancing his kingdom, through us." Lunch afterwards for everyone! 2 months ago
  • #IBCserm Just this today from Joshua 9:1-27 - "Instead of being prideful and impulsive, we should be prayerful and principled." 2 months ago