On the third Sunday of every month (that would be this Sunday – 1/20) you’re invited to hang out after the service and discuss some topic. It’s called Table Talk.

This month we will talk about ‘Growing Up Evangelical’, particularly the struggles and dangers inherent to it. Maybe you grew up in the ‘evangelical’ subculture, perhaps went to an ‘evangelical’ institution for college, and have since become disillusioned with it. Maybe you know someone who was once a self-identified ‘evangelical’ but now professes no faith and might even be angry at ‘evangelicalism’. Or maybe you’re a perfectly contented ‘evangelical’ and have no clue why anyone would have a beef with it. It should be a helpful discussion.

If you want to read up just a little ahead of time on the emotions felt by many who have been part of ‘evangelicalism’ or want to see what ‘evangelicalism’ looks like from the outside you can start here:




Let Nathan know (a) if you are coming, and (b) if you would prefer to go out to eat or order pizza in and have it at The Meeting Place.