Hey brothers and sisters!

At the Summer Retreat I shared about hoping to do a Backyard Bible Club… and it’s happening! August 19-23 from 4:00 – 6:00 PM in our backyard. If anyone is interested in helping, here are some specific needs:

1. Prayer – Please pray that kids will come and hear the gospel and tell their parents and believe. That we connect with neighbors long term. That God keeps the kids safe each day. That we would be faithful and obedient and trust Christ to gather his bride in Lawndale.

2. Snacks – Nothing fancy! Just appealing. On Friday, we’re going to have a simple picnic dinner and invite families. If you’d like to contribute a snack one day or something for dinner on Friday, just let me know.

3. Helpers – If you want to help out by being physically present, we’ll start at 3:30 PM and be done at 6:00 PM. Helpers will help lead games, activities, and singing. If there are enough kids, we’ll split up into little groups after the Bible lesson to talk about it and pray.

4. New or gently Used Kids’ Bibles – I would love to give each kid a Bible.

If you’re interested in any of this, just let me (Lindsey) know. Thanks!