Missional Focus Week – Day 6

Alright, hopefully the emails this week have seeded your hearts and minds with thoughts of ways we could band together to reach out in the UIC Area. Now it’s your turn.

Share your ideas, stimulated by this week’s emails and contextualized specifically for the UIC Area by posting a comment below. Post as many as you want! There are no dumb posts. If you like someone else’s post, comment on it. After a week we will see which ones had the most support and start getting people together around those ideas to implement them.

The final (and most critical) component to all this is going to be prayer support. Whenever you or a group of people are going out on a missional venture, let the Intercessory Prayer Team (IPT) know by sending a quick email to prayer at Immanuel dash baptist dot net so they can be backing you up with prayer. If anything is going to happen, it is going to have to be a movement of the Holy Spirit.

Also, before the next Joint Outreach (10/5) John Rood will be doing some evangelism training at 10:00 AM at The Meeting Place.

Thanks for following along this week. Now let’s see what the Spirit does!