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If you haven’t RSVPed yet for the Mission Class this Sunday and you plan to come, please let info know so we can have enough food.

We’ll meet at The Meeting Place right after the service and be done by 3:00 PM. Make sure you have completed the Joining the Mission: Membership at Immanuel packet before Sunday.

If you are interested in serving on Worship Team in any way (vocalist, musician, audio/visual), send an email to Adam.

Robert’s bank where he works has been trying to fill a part time teller position for a while now, to no avail. He wanted to open it up to members:

20-30 hrs/wk

Starting wage likely around $10/hr but based on experience.

Experience in customer service necessary. Experience and/or interest in finance a definite plus.

Students welcome. The more flexible the schedule the better.

Contact Robert if you or someone you know would be a good fit.

Attention all manly men! Mark your calendars for Sunday, November 10th, immediately following church!

Enjoy the presence of other men while doing manly things such as:


-watching football


-friendly competition


If possible, please RSVP to Andy S. by November 3rd!

Get the details from Andy below!

Gather together at Andy S’s to hang out, watch the Bears game, and eat lunch after church – potluck style. But don’t feel obligated to bring anything at all (just let Andy know if you’re coming and if you plan on bringing something so he can prepare). We can also sit in a circle and talk about our feelings and stuff if you want. Anyone that’s relatively newer to IBC can share their testimonies. I have board games and stuff too. So the Bears are playing the Lions starting at noon that day, we can DVR it so we can start the game after church and just skip through the commercials (so don’t be checking game scores on your phone!).

So Anne-Marie is moving to Norway soon L. That means Holly needs a new roommate starting December 1st. If anyone knows of a female needing a place to stay, please pass her info along to her.

Also, John is looking for a roommate to live with in the UIC Area starting after the New Year. If you have any leads on people or cheap places, contact him.

Don’t forget: the Joint Outreach is this Saturday (10/19) from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

Also, this Sunday (10/20) is the 3rd Sunday of October and that means Table Talk! Table Talks are chances to get together over lunch and discuss some topic of theology in a Round Table format. This month the topic is “Cessationism vs. Continuationism.” In other words: have the supernatural sign gifts of the Spirit (i.e. speaking in tongues, healings, words of prophecy) ceased or do they continue in our time? Mike E. will be facilitating the discussion. This time we’ll be going out to eat at a nearby restaurant. Come if you can.

A few weeks ago we had ‘Missional Focus Week’. We just wanted to remind people that if you were not able to read the emails then, they are archived at this blog.

The goal was not to burden you with more in your inbox or pressure you to do more. We hope that the slavery of should and ought never overtakes our church, but the liberating message of the gospel is always the ethos of our community. “Only one thing is needed” (Lk. 10:42) – to sit at Jesus’ feet and soak in his grace.

If out of the gospel you feel a desire to see God’s glory spread and love your neighbor, we just wanted to provide an opportunity for ideas of ways to do that to bubble up from within the church and help people connect to do them together. That’s the simple thought behind the blitz of idea-generating emails.

Maybe you don’t have ideas of your own right now, but you’d love to jump in on someone else’s. Maybe you’re in a season in life where you’re just swamped; that’s okay. Maybe all you can do right now is keep your kids alive; perhaps you could join the Intercessory Prayer Team and pray for the missional endeavors going on while you’re nursing your baby in the middle of the night (contact Abby at prayer if you want to do that). There are many ways to be engaged and involved!

Here are the links and a short description of each post:

Introduction – Here we tried to head off any sense of overwhelming people, but explained where the motivation for reaching out comes from.

Day 2 – In this post we began to offer questions you could ask to start seeing the missional opportunities around you.

Day 3 – Being missional doesn’t have to be that hard or really add much to your schedule. Here we shared 8 easy ways we can do what we already do with an eye to sharing the gospel.

Day 4 – More of the same…

Day 5 – Sometimes it may be a good idea to have events that can catalyze missional living. Here we gave some examples.

Next Steps – Here we opened it up for comments so you can share any ideas you might have of ways we can cooperate together as a church in proclaiming the Good News in the UIC Area. If you have any more ideas or like ones already mentioned, go here and make a post.

Dinners for Eight are back by popular demand!

Dinners for Eight are a great time to get to know others within the Immanuel community in the comfort of someone’s home, over a meal!

What you need to do: Sign-up by Sunday, Oct. 20th, at The Meeting Place, or email Cyndi (koinonia), if you are interested in participating. Indicate how many people are in your family, and if you’d like to be a host for the meal.

What we do: The Koinonia team will then divide everyone up, assign each family a host home, and your host will work with you to coordinate the date and time of your group dinner!

If you have any questions about Dinners for Eight, please contact Cyndi at koinonia.

This Sunday (10/13) is the Chicago Marathon.

The marathon proceeds through the neighborhoods of the UIC Area and makes it very hard to get to The Meeting Place. As in years past, we are cancelling our regular Sunday morning gathering.

Instead, go to either:

(1) Church of the Beloved’s Saturday evening service at 4:00 PM at The Meeting Place.

(2) Pilsen Community Church’s Sunday evening service at 5:30 PM at 1325 W. 18th Street.

Also, there’s a great neighborhood organization called Connecting 4 Communities that we should all be aware of. They are sponsoring a neighborhood cheering section located on Taylor and Morgan Streets from 8:15 AM to 1:00 PM. It would be wonderful for IBC people living in the area that want to watch the marathon to go see it from there with them! For more information please refer to the Connecting 4 Communities website at

If you’ve been coming to Immanuel for a while and are interested in finding out what it means to be part of this church, pick up a copy of Joining the Mission: Membership at Immanuel and go through it.

Then come to the next Mission Class after the service on 11/3. Lunch is provided.

If you’re still interested, you’ll have an interview with an Elder.

If everything’s a go, you can become a member at the Annual Meeting on 12/8!