Attention all manly men! Mark your calendars for Sunday, November 10th, immediately following church!

Enjoy the presence of other men while doing manly things such as:


-watching football


-friendly competition


If possible, please RSVP to Andy S. by November 3rd!

Get the details from Andy below!

Gather together at Andy S’s to hang out, watch the Bears game, and eat lunch after church – potluck style. But don’t feel obligated to bring anything at all (just let Andy know if you’re coming and if you plan on bringing something so he can prepare). We can also sit in a circle and talk about our feelings and stuff if you want. Anyone that’s relatively newer to IBC can share their testimonies. I have board games and stuff too. So the Bears are playing the Lions starting at noon that day, we can DVR it so we can start the game after church and just skip through the commercials (so don’t be checking game scores on your phone!).