There will be no December Table Talk this Sunday (12/15).

Instead we are offering a New Year’s challenge: Make 2014 a year of reading!

· If you generally consider yourself a non-reader – make a resolution to cut out or back on TV or movies or gaming or what-have-you (if we’re not reading we’re filling our free time up with something else) and read more books next year.

· If you’re an introverted book worm – make a resolution to read with someone else. Approach someone to read a book together and meet regularly to discuss in a discipleship sort of way.

For anyone who wants to accept this challenge, I want to buy you a book to read over the Christmas break! It’s Lit!: A Christian Guide to Reading Books by Tony Reinke. I read it over my summer vacation and found it a helpful resource on the reason for reading and some tips on how to do it. Just email me at ncarter at immanuel dash baptist dot net and let me know if you want me to buy it for you. Then read it over the break and the first Table Talk of 2014 will be a discussion of this book and topic. That will be Sunday, January 19th, after the worship service.

For the remainder of 2014, Table Talks will be chances to share selections from books you are reading and discuss them with others (based on an idea found in the book and taken from C.S. Lewis’ literary club, The Inklings).