Table Talk happens on the third Sunday of every month. The name comes from the casual theological conversations that happened around the dinner table in the Luther household at the dawn of the Reformation. At Immanuel we stick around after a worship service for food and discussion of some theological topic. We’ve covered all kinds of topics from the Trinity to Social Justice to the effects of Social Media and many more.

This year we’ve thrown out a New Year’s Challenge to read more and we’re going to use Table Talks as a time for people to share snippets of the poetry, novels, or non-fiction that they have been reading. A sort of literary club that we hope will lead to shared theological discovery.

To get things started we’re going to be talking about the topic of ‘Reading’ itself. Some people have read Tony Reinke’s fine book Lit!: A Christian Guide to Reading Books. We’ll be discussing the ideas introduced there. Even if you haven’t read the book, you’re welcome to come and join the conversation!

There will be a bagel lunch after the service this Sunday (1/19) to say goodbye to the Smiths. Stick around after that for Table Talk.