Hi Everyone!

Just as a reminder: The Meeting Place Spring Cleaning will be starting tomorrow around 9:00 AM (Prayer Meeting is at 8:00 AM; Worship Team will be rehearsing from 9:00 to 10:00 AM)!

We will want to do our normal cleaning duties and hit a few things that needed touch up and repair as well as deep cleaning.

These areas include touching up stains in the carpet, dusting places that normally do not get cleaned, washing all of the glass windows, organizing the shelves & closets, cleaning the coffee area, the visitors center, organizing the Kids Corner, touch up paint, weed, mulch, & landscape around the trees in front, clean up all trash around the building, weed-wack around the building, organizing the chairs and the Bibles, cleaning around the stage and instruments and anything else that we can do to make the place into an inviting house of worship.

Thank you all for participating!

Philip Wagler

Deacon of Facilities