So the Annual Immanuel Summer Retreat is coming up in 2 days! If you haven’t RSVPed to Cyndi yet, email her right now at koinonia

The format this year will be like a TED Conference. We have several different people from church slated to give “the talk of their lives (in 18 minutes or less).” The talks will be interspersed with shorter presentations, including music, performances and comedy.

The overall theme is “Why Does That Matter?” Here are the topics that will be addressed:

“Why Do Cities Matter?” – Nathan Carter

“Why Does Diversity Matter?” – Daniel Deurbrouck

“Why Does Liturgy Matter?” – Ryan Christie

“Why Does Missions Matter?” – Phil & Tracy Ennis

“Why Does Evangelism Matter?” – John Rood

“Why Does Work Matter?” – Andy & Vivian Sapthavee

“Why Does Ecclesiology Matter?” – Peter Ferris

“Why Does a Confession of Faith Matter?” – Mike Erington

“Why Do Gender Roles Matter?” – Nathan Carter with Sarah Ferris

“Why Does Preaching Matter?” – Nathan Carter

And of course there will be group games and bonfires and hay rides and hiking and sports and free time…

We would like to video record all the talks and create a web page afterward for people to access. We need someone with the skills and equipment to be in charge of videography. If you can do this, please email Nathan ASAP.