For this week’s featured video from the Summer Retreat, watch Mike Erington answer the question, “Why Does A Confession of Faith Matter?”


Our Small Groups will begin going through the New Hampshire Confession of Faith this week. We’re praying and hopeful that each article will spark good discussions around what we believe, why we believe it, and how it affects our hearts and lives.

We’re also using the New Hampshire Confession of Faith because the Elders are thinking of recommending to the Members that this becomes our church’s Statement of Faith after we’ve had time to study it. Therefore, we want everyone to become familiar with it and investigate it for themselves.

Why are we considering a change? There are several reasons:

· Our current Statement of Faith is theologically sound, but it’s generic and we’re not even sure where it came from.

· We want to hold to a Confession that is used widely by many churches, not just ours.

· We want to hold to a Confession that is historic and has passed the test of time, not just written in the last 25 years.

· We want to hold to a Confession that is theologically robust, while still being concise.

Why did we choose the New Hampshire Confession?

· We are convinced that it accurately and elegantly summarizes Scripture’s teaching.

· It is a beloved statement of Baptist belief that many churches have and still hold to, such as Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, D.C.

· It is old. It was revised in 1853, but originally written in 1833. It will situate us clearly and firmly in a stream of historic Christianity that runs back through the English Reformation and finds its fountainhead in the ancient Creeds of the Church.

· Since it was written in an earlier day, it retains the theological seriousness and precision that has been lost in much of the contemporary church, and yet it is not as narrow or verbose as something like the 2nd London Confession (1689).

If you’re interested in researching this more, here is an article that we found helpful in our thought process.

We pray you’ll enjoy the study in your Small Groups this year. Jeremiah Hill will be working on writing the discussion questions for each article as part of his Moody internship. Each week he will also be posting further thoughts on the covered subject at if you want to dig deeper. Let an Elder know if you have any thoughts or questions along the way.