So the Saturday morning breakfast went well this last week. We had about 5 guys show up initially. There’s definitely room for more!

Along with the packet came a DVD that showed several clips of some of the speakers highlighted in the series. We had breakfast (bacon & biscuits and gravy), watched the introductory DVD and went over some of the topics and the format of the group. We also shared a little bit of what was currently going on in each other’s lives. We ended with prayer and was done by 9:15.

Each week we will watch a 30 minute DVD featuring the topic covered in the workbook. There will be a series of questions from the workbook that we will discuss as a group. No additional study or pre-work is required to participate in the group. However, if you would like to get more involved and have a deeper commitment, the workbook has some exercises that you can do during the week relative to the discussion. There is also a website and other recommended reading by the author.

There is a total of 10 sessions, so going every other week we should be done by February or March.

If anyone would like a workbook, I can order one from Amazon for about $10. I know we have a couple books that we can lend out or I can also order one for about $5.

Next time (10/4) we will begin with the 1st lesson. I will plan on making pancakes. The topic will be on courage. Be thinking about what the most courageous thing is that you have ever done.

If anyone wants to bring some juice or anything let me know. Please let me know if you can make it.

Hope to see you next time!

Philip W.

1 Chronicles 28:20