As we look forward to our time together at Lake Geneva Conference Center here are a few details of what will be taking place. Arrival – Anytime after 4:00 PM on Friday, July 31st. Dinner is not provided; however, there will be a campfire with snacks that evening. On Saturday there will be 3 sessions spaced throughout the day. The speakers for these are as follows: Saturday Morning:

  • Anger – Daniel Deurbrouck
  • Greed – Mike Avink

Saturday Afternoon:

  • Sloth – Peter Ferris
  • Pride – Dave (International Missionary that we support)

Saturday Evening (Men and Women will be separate):

  • Envy – Mike Erington/Sarah Ferris
  • Lust – Jonathan Morgan/Vivian Sapthavee
  • Gluttony – Ryan Christie/Lindsey Avink

After worship on Sunday there will be a small event that will end around 2:30 PM. Odds and ends: -The preferred payment methods for the Retreat are checks (made out to Immanuel Baptist Church w/ Retreat in the Tag/Memo line) and cash. -There are multiple people needing a ride to the Retreat, if you are one of those people ask around and try to find a ride. As well if anyone has extra space in their vehicle please drop an email to me and I will help coordinate with anyone who may need a ride. Many Blessings, Matt