That was a great weekend! Thanks again to all who came out to the Summer Retreat (over 90 people!) and all who helped make it happen.

Share your photos from the weekend on Facebook and be sure to tag Immanuel Baptist Church and/or use the hashtag #ibcsr2015.

Resources from the Retreat including recordings of sessions should be available soon.

And while it’s all still fresh on your mind could you email info at immanuel dash baptist dot net with answers to this short survey?

(1) What are your top two highlights of the weekend?

(2) Were there any aspects of the retreat that were negative for you? Do you have any suggestions for improvement?

(3) Was the theme – the 7 Deadly Sins – helpful for you? Any particular encouragement that can be passed on to one of the speakers?

(4) What did you think of the Lake Geneva Conference Center facilities, food, and environment? Would you like to go back there again next year?

(5) Anything else that would be helpful to share?