Hey Everyone!

In just a little over a week we’ll be making our way to Lake Geneva for our church retreat! This is so exciting and we’re expectantly praying about what the Lord will do. Below are a few things that I mentioned before, but wanted to remind you.

1. The retreat center will no longer be providing linens! That means that you have to bring your own sheets, pillows, sleeping bags or whatever you think you might need for you and your family. Please do not forget otherwise you’re in for some cold nights.

2. We still need childcare volunteers! These aren’t folks who need to plan anything ahead of time, all that is already prepared. Let us know if you’re available!

3. Please do not bring cash or checks for the retreat to the retreat! It becomes confusing on what belongs to who, and in figuring out where to keep it. Therefore, either pay before or after. If writing a check, put “Church Retreat” in the memo line. As said before, do not let the cost keep you from coming!

Email retreat with any questions you have!