Happy Labor Day and the official end of summer!!

Small Groups are re-launching this week. Small Groups at Immanuel are a way to have a mid-week check-in, share life, prayer requests, and study Scripture. Most eat a meal together. This year we’ll all be going through the OT book of 1 Samuel.

If you haven’t joined a Small Group yet, here are the offerings:


Small Group at the Hills’ @ 7:00 PM | westpilsen@immanuel-baptist.net


Small Group at the Carters’ @ 6:30 PM | eastpilsen@immanuel-baptist.net

Small Group at the Sapthavees’ @ 6:30 PM | universityvillage@immanuel-baptist.net


Small Group at the Engs’ @ 6:30 PM | logansquare@immanuel-baptist.net

Small Group at Christian & Rosario’s @ 7:00 PM | littleitaly@immanuel-baptist.net