As coronavirus cases are starting to surge in Chicago (which is going to be further complicated by entering what was already the normal flu and cold season), we wanted to give more guidelines for making sure that we can safely maintain meeting together for worship and fellowship.

We want to continue being Bible directed, which involves loving our city and our neighbors by trying to prevent the spread of COVID until there’s a vaccine or treatment (i.e. Rom. 13:10). And we want to continue to be local government informed (1Pe. 2:13-17).


· Please be sure to RSVP to church services early every week! This helps us to follow city limits on indoor and outdoor gatherings and also helps us know who may be exposed in case of future infections.

· During this season, if you are feeling sick please do not attend worship, even if you don’t think you have COVID. Oftentimes how people respond to a cold and COVID can be very similar.

· Please default to getting tested if you are feeling ill. If you get tested negative, other people may not have to get tested. If you are positive, however, others have the chance to get tested so they can make informed decisions on how to avoid further infecting others in the community.  If you have tested positive, please let us know here.

· We encourage you to receive the flu vaccine this year. Although influenza is less deadly than COVID-19, it is also very infectious and can confuse people with whether they have COVID or not. This can negatively impact ability to go to work, school, or other things.

· Please follow city recommendations and guidelines for travel restrictions as best as you can.

· Please follow CDC recommendations on mask wearing and hand hygiene as best as you can.

· And remember: even if you may not be in danger of serious complications from COVID, you can start a chain of infection that can ultimately infect someone who is more likely to have serious complications. Please do not see these measures merely in the context of individual protection. They are in place to also help others.

The following are two flow charts to help you think through what to do if you are directly exposed to someone with COVID or are experiencing COVID-like symptoms.