Here are this week’s Announcements:

  • This Sunday we’ll be looking at probably the most famous Proverb…
  • Put Thursdays from 6:45 to 8:00 PM as a recurring event on your calendars from 5/11 until 8/17.  We will be having Midweek Services over the summer instead of Small Groups.  There will be Kids’ Club during that time too!
  • Ladies: let Katie and Tori know you’re coming to the Women’s Retreat 5/19-20!  Email them at
  • Summer Retreat is 7/7-9 on “Sanctification” in Cedar Lake, IN.
  • We still have two spots to fill for the Bargfredes’ meal train.  Maybe you’ve never participated in stuff like this because you think it’s only for certain types of people or chefs.  But consider blessing these members of the body.  You could even just order GrubHub.  Click here to sign-up.
  • This week’s IBC Podcast is about the “Order of Service.”  Give it a listen on SpotifyGoogle, and Apple Podcasts and see if it helps you appreciate more what is happening every Sunday when we gather.
  • Interested in being a part of this church but aren’t a member yet?  Start going through Joining the Mission and plan to come to the next Mission Class on 5/21.

52 Doctrines

Week 17

God Is Omnipotent – God is all-powerful: there is nothing God cannot do so long as it does not contradict His own nature or law. God has power and authority over the universe He created, from the largest solar system to the smallest particle. Affirming that God is all-powerful does not mean that God can sinsince that would go against His perfect moral nature. As Christians, we rest in the belief that the God who has all power is good, and we gain great comfort by knowing that an all-powerful God is working for our good and joy.

Adapted from The 99 Essential Doctrines by The Gospel Project