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2018 Easter Egg


If you or someone you know is a Christian and a doctor, nurse, or medical assistant, there is a great opportunity to serve right in our church’s neighborhood on Saturday, September 30th!

Our North American Mission Board is bringing an amazing, new mobile clinic to the ABLA homes and is asking for members of local churches to provide the workers. Check out this short video here that shows you what the trucks they use look like. We will provide free medical care and share the gospel and point people to our church.

Spread the word and if you’re interested in volunteering, go to this site –

Palm Sunday – Tomorrow marks the beginning of Holy Week as we remember the entrance of Jesus to Jerusalem for the final week of his pre-resurrection life. Jonathan will be preaching to us from Psalm 27.

Liquid Lunches – Monday through Friday we are recommending that people fast from solid food and use the lunch time to pray. We will be sending out a prayer guide with Scriptures and topics to help you focus this time.

Good Friday – We will be having a service of singing and Scripture meditation with a short devotional from Theo as we reflect on the meaning of the death of Christ. 6:45 PM at The Meeting Place.

Outreach Saturday – We want EVERYONE to participate in some part of this day. It will begin with a brief prayer meeting at The Meeting Place at 10:30 AM. Then we will go out and do surveys at several foot-traffic hot spots throughout the UIC Area, asking questions about Easter that could lead to spiritual conversations. Then at 1:00 PM we will be having an Easter Egg Hunt Outreach at Arrigo Park. Please be inviting people to this! We emailed out a digital invitation this week and will have printed copies for you to take at the service tomorrow and share with friends and classmates.

Easter Sunday – In lieu of Table Talk there will be a brunch for everyone at 9:30 AM before the service.

2017 Easter Egg

The week leading up to Easter is always a big week in the life of Immanuel. Here’s what to expect this year:

4/9 – Palm Sunday (Jonathan will be preaching to kick off our week together)

4/10-15 – ‘Liquid Lunches’ (this year’s suggested fast is no solid food for lunches; we’ll be sending out prayer guides so you can use that time to focus spiritually)

4/14 – Good Friday Service (a contemplative service with songs, readings, and a brief message on the atonement from Theo)

4/15 – Prayer and Outreach (in the morning we’ll gather at The Meeting Place to pray together and then go out across the UIC Area to do surveys that will lead to spiritual conversations about Easter; then in the afternoon we’ll also be having an Easter Egg hunt for kids at Arrigo Park where the gospel will be presented; we’d like everyone to participate in at least one of these outreach events)

4/16 – Brunch and Celebration Service (before worship there will be a spread of breakfast food to eat together!)

At Table Talk last Sunday Jack and James led a great discussion on “Bridging the Secular Divide.” Here are 5 examples they gave of the ways many non-Christians in the city think and act:

1. All you have is now.

Non-Christians don’t think about what life will be like 10,000 years.

YOLO/Carpe Diem

2. Non-Christians think they are more free than Christians.

Our culture focuses on individualism.

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!

3. Jumping on bandwagons

People do what’s popular.

Could be sports, tv shows, movies.

4. Focus on science.

Believing in the Bible is not easy.

5. Non-Christians see us as hypocrites/judgmental.

Let’s reflect on the ministry of Jesus and think how we can be more like him with non-Christians…

On the third Sundays of every month there’s a meal after our worship service. Plan to stick around and eat!

This Sunday during the meal Kara will be sharing about her upcoming work in Germany.

After that, there will be a short, optional seminar that you won’t want to miss on “Bridging the Secular Divide.” It’s designed to help us better understand how the unbelievers around us think and act. And we’ll be explaining a new evangelistic focus for our Sunday Morning Prayer Meetings this year.

Periodically we have Families in the City events to encourage and equip those raising kids in our great city. Our next event will be on Friday, September 16th, at 6:30 PM at The Meeting Place. We will be done by 8:00 PM.

Dinner will be served and then there will be popcorn and a screening of a new animated film based on the children’s book – The Biggest Story. You can check out a trailer here.

Please RSVP so we know approximately how much food to order. And please invite other families that might enjoy this film!

Spring Awakening Outreach FlyerThis weekend over 90,000 people will be coming to our back yard for a huge rave called the Spring Awakening Festival!

On Saturday we’re going to open up our doors for an outreach event, seeking to share the gospel with attenders.

It’s supposed to be in the 90s. Water is expensive at the event, but we will be offering free water bottles and air conditioning. John Rood will be there jamming and doing demonstrations of how he makes electronic music.

We need people to come out to pray, be available to talk with guests, and generally help keep an eye on things.

We’ll start gathering at 6:00 PM to do a prayer-walk, asking God to bring an ‘Awakening’ to many of the emptiness and hopelessness of life apart from Christ.

Doors will open at 6:45 PM and close at 10:00 PM.

May many find ‘living water’ this weekend!

If you plan to come, reply with an email.

Since a huge EDM Festival is coming to our back door (, we thought this could be a great opportunity to give a cup of cold water and clothe the naked in Jesus’ name.

· We’ll meet at 6:00 PM on Saturday (6/11) outside The Meeting Place to prayer walk.

· Around 6:45 PM we’ll open up The Meeting Place and invite people in.

· John Rood of Roodimentary Sciences (sample here) will hang out at The Meeting Place until 10:00 PM jamming with his modular synthesizer equipment and giving an “Analog Modular Exhibition” where he explains to people the science of how it works.

· People will be available to talk with guests, share the gospel, and offer to pray with them.

At least pray for the Spirit to be moving and open up doors for the gospel among those who may be feeling confused, empty, guilty, and/or hopeless. Consider coming to provide some critical mass and help have spiritual conversations with those the Lord brings by. Even if nobody comes, it’ll be a good prayer meeting and hang out time appreciating John’s genius.

Some other upcoming events:

· This Sunday afternoon (5/29) at 3:00 PM at Arrigo Park there’s the first of many volleyball hangouts. Going forward they will be every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month. Invite your friends. Contact Lydia for more info.

· After Volleyball you can head downtown to a free concert in Millennium Park with some people. Contact Enoch for more info.

· Ladies’ Ice Cream Walk is Monday evening (5/30; Memorial Day). Contact Madie for more info.

· Ladies’ Clothes Swap is Saturday (6/11) at 7:00 PM. Contact Bethany for more info.

· And don’t forget the SUMMER RETREAT (8/19-21)!