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Our very own Paulo has volunteered to put on a free soccer clinic for the kids of IBC and their friends this fall and see what it might turn into next year!

For the next four Sundays (9/23, 9/30, 10/7, 10/14) after our worship service he will be teaching skills to the kids. Parents and other adults are welcome to come help out or fellowship on the sidelines.

Pack a lunch or grab some tacos and head over to Harrison Park by 1:00 PM. Please bring your own soccer ball if you have one.

It will culminate in a scrimmage held behind The Meeting Place after our next Table Talk on 10/21, which will hopefully turn into a church-wide game!

If you could reply to Paulo at soccer at uicarea dot com with how many kids you’ll be bringing and their ages as soon as possible that will help.


Volleyball is 4:00 PM this Sunday (7/9) at Arrigo Park! Come hang out and enjoy some ice cream and popsicles while you play a few friendly games.

Summer Volleyball in the park starts back up this Sunday. It will be every 2nd and 4th Sunday (unless it’s raining or under 50 degrees). It starts at 4:00 PM. This week it will be at the lot to the south of Arrigo Park just west of Racine. Invite friends and neighbors!

Just a reminder to make sure August 18-20 is on your calendar for the annual Immanuel Summer Retreat!

This year we will again be in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, but at a different site. It should be nice.

And our special guest speaker will be Paul Alexander, co-author of The Deliberate Church and a pastor in the Chicago suburbs

Lovely Ladies of Immanuel,

There will be a hot chocolate crawl this Saturday (2/11) at 10:00 AM. If you are interested or wanting to come let Madie know.

Hope to see you there!


Let’s brighten up the month of February by enjoying delicious meals together! If you are willing to host 6 people for dinner at your house any day this month, email koinonia at immanuel dash baptist dot net. The meal will be potluck style so you make the main dish and everyone else brings the sides. Use this as a chance to get to know some new faces and reconnect with old friends! We are hoping for 5 host houses so let us know ASAP!

Hello Church Family!

You are all invited to the 2016 IBC Christmas Party! The party will be on December 9th at 6:00 PM at The Meeting Place.

We will be having a potluck and IBC will be providing the primary meat and drinks.

If your last name begins with:

· A-H then bring a side dish to share

· I-Z then bring a baked good to share

We will be having a cookie exchange, so the A-H category is also welcome to bring a baked good if they feel so inclined 🙂

There will be singing, eating and much merriment so please join us!

See you soon!

IBC Women,

We will be having a Women’s Retreat on November 12th in Wheeling, IL. The retreat will start at 8:30 AM with a crepe bar breakfast (!) so you don’t want to be late :). Come enjoy a day of worship, prayer, fellowship, and discussions on how to practice discipleship in our everyday lives! The suggested donation will be $10 a person but don’t let that keep you from coming! All women are welcome. RSVP to koinonia at immanuel dash baptist dot net ASAP if you have not already. Hope to see you there!

This Sunday is the second Sunday of September. You know what that means – volleyball at Arrigo Park at 4:00 PM!

This upcoming weekend is the annual Immanuel Summer Retreat! The goal is to talk really practically about what it looks like to love God and love people – the summary of the Law we’ve been looking at in Deuteronomy. #LGLP2016

Here’s a sneak peek at what to expect:

Saturday Morning:

“Loving God” – Hour long talk from Hobin to follow up from last year’s retreat. Practical help on how to actually find superior pleasure in God so we don’t give in to anger, greed, sloth, pride, envy, lust, or gluttony. Answering the question, “What does it really look like to love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength?”

Saturday Afternoon:

“Loving People Who Are Down” – We’ll introduce a jar with cards next to it that people can write on throughout the weekend with ways that they have felt loved (or not) during a time when they were doubting, discouraged, or grieving. They can put their name there or be anonymous. We will pull some out at different times in between topics to read aloud.

“Loving People through Prayer” – Short, 5-minute testimony from Abby on others-centered prayer practices.

“Loving People through Discipleship” – Short, 5-minute testimony from Sarah F. on how someone poured in to her through discipleship.

“Loving People Online” – 15-minute ‘TED Talk’ from Brannen laying out principles for how we can think of others first with our online presence with 5 minutes of Q&A afterwards.

“Loving People in Poverty” – Large Group 30-minute discussion guided by Christian on ways we can be part of truly helping those stuck in poverty in our neighborhood.

Saturday Evening:

“Loving People Who Didn’t Grow Up in a Christian Home or Go to a Christian College” – 15-minute interview with the Sapthavees moderated by Ryan on what it’s like to be an outsider to Christian culture and how those on the inside can be mindful of “normal people.”

“Loving People Who Are New” – 5 minutes with some quick Dos and Don’ts from Lydia of stepping out of your comfort zone and welcoming newcomers to the church.

“Love and Your Station in Life” – 25-minute Small Group breakout sessions for singles (led by Theo), husbands (led by Peter F.), wives (led by Andrea), and parents (led by Nathan) to talk together about unique ways they can use their life station to serve others… and particular ways they need to be served.

“Loving People from a Different Culture” – 20-minute panel discussion with the Bishops, Engs, and Christian & Rosario moderated by Nathan surrounding what it’s like to be an ethnic minority at Immanuel and ways that those in majority culture could be more aware and love those of a different culture.

“Loving People Who Are Lost” – 10-minute brainstorming session of ways that we could individually and corporately better love people through evangelism.

“Q&A with the Elders” – Informal open mic to ask any questions of the pastors about theology or the state and vision of the church, etc…

Sunday Morning:

Our regular Sunday worship service with a sermon on the Apostle John’s teaching about love.

Mixed in and around these sessions there will be campfires, games, free time, swimming, eating, singing, hanging out, and all kinds of chances to grow in loving each other!

It’s not too late to register! Contact retreat at immanuel dash baptist dot net for more info.

Registration will open at 5:00 PM on Friday in the Cedar Room and the Saturday morning session will begin at 9:00 AM. 

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