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Happy Thursday!

We just found out that we have another month of ‘stay-at-home’.

Just a reminder that you can listen to Nathan and Theo (and sometimes special guests!) discuss different topics on the Immanuel Pastors Podcast, available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts.

There are already 8 episodes:

· Why a Podcast?

· Online Church?

· What Goes on in Elders’ Meetings?

· What Is Family Worship? [and it’s not just for marrieds with kids]

· Why Read Books?

· What Has Nathan Been Reading Lately?

· What Has Theo Been Reading Lately?

· What Does Women’s Ministry Look Like at Immanuel?

Check it out! More to come…

And if you have an idea for a future topic, email the elders.

On Saturday (9/14) from 6:00 to 8:00 PM Dr. Owen Strachan will be leading a session on “The Church: It’s Marks, Purpose, and Nature” at The Meeting Place after Church of the Beloved’s service.

On Sunday (9/15) from 8:00 to 9:15 PM the three UIC Area churches that are part of GOSPEL for Chicago will be having a joint Prayer Meeting at The Meeting Place to pray for God’s work in and through us. Please come for this display of unity in prayer.

We normally have a discussion of some topic related to theology after the service on the 3rd Sunday of each month. Since that would fall on Father’s Day this month, we’re postponing it to the next week – 6/23. Lunch will be provided. Let Nathan know if you plan to be there.

Our topic this month is Spiritual Abuse. It has become a bit of a buzzword lately. Several ministries and leaders have been accused of it. What exactly is it? How does it happen? Why is it wrong? How can we be sensitive to those who have experienced it? How can we avoid it ourselves? What is a healthy, biblical view of authority and how should it be practiced?

I’m excited that joining us for our discussion will be a friend and local pastor who has been in ministry in the UIC Area since the early 80s with University Bible Fellowship. By his own admission he has been an authoritarian leader in what could be called a spiritually abusive culture. But in the last several years he has had a personal gospel-awakening and has been seeking to repent of his authoritarianism and reform the culture that allowed it.

Should be a good and helpful discussion!

This Saturday (5/12) we will be having a Table Talk from noon to whenever the conversation dies down. The topic is: “Millennial Madness: Pre, Post, or Ahhhhhh!!” If you’ve never quite been clear on the different positions on how it will all go down when Jesus comes back, come. If you’re got it all figured out, come too!

Please RSVP if you plan to come so we can know how much food to make.

Every second Saturday of the month there’s a round table discussion over lunch at Nathan & Andrea’s. We’ve covered all kinds of topics related to theology. It’s open to anyone and everyone. This month we’re talking about the idea of ‘Unconditional Election’.

It’s at noon.

RSVP to Phil (askforbreakfast) if you plan to come.

Don’t forget there’s a free lunch and stimulating theological discussion at Nathan & Andrea’s this Saturday. What does ‘Total Depravity’ mean? What are the implications of ‘Original Sin’? Am I really a ‘wretch’ or a ‘worm’?? Where does the ‘image of God’ fit into this picture? Human rights, self-esteem… Lots of questions. Come discuss.

On the second Saturday of every month, Nathan & Andrea cook up some food and open up their dining room table for church people to come over and participate in a round table theological discussion. We’ve covered topics from the Trinity to homosexuality and over the next five months we’ll be discussion the ‘five points of Calvinism’ (TULIP).

So come on Saturday, September 10th, at noon to talk about Total Depravity. What does this mean? What does it not mean? Can we do anything good? Can we still speak of human dignity? In what ways? We’ll be having an open discussion of these questions and more! Come one, come all.

On the 2nd Saturday of every month there’s an informal round table discussion of some theologically geared topic over food at Nathandrea’s. It’s for anyone!

This month the topic is Counseling. We live in a city-center context that is very psychologized. A significant percentage of people go to some kind of counseling or therapy, or have. How should the Christian approach this? Is this an area that the church is ill-equipped to handle? Or does the Bible have something to say about the ‘psyche’ (Greek word for ‘soul’ from which we get ‘psychology’)? How can we integrate Freud and Jung and Maslow with Jesus and Paul and Peter… or should we? These are the kinds of questions we will discuss, and more!

Noon on Saturday at Nathandrea’s!

Homosexuality, Gender Identity, and the Gospel. Are you coming?

Nathan and Andrea’s at noon.

Our mission as a church is to be a multiplying community that enjoys and proclaims the Good News of Christ in the great city of Chicago.

We recognize that the governor on the engine of multiplication is leadership development. That’s why we’ve been working on a careful and intentional plan to raise up more leaders across the board: men, women, Small Group leaders, Worship Team leaders, deacons, and elders.

One aspect of that is what we’re calling the Immanuel Pastoral Apprenticeship Program (IPAP). We piloted it this spring with great success and have expanded it to a year-long program that we hope to launch this fall. We’re looking for people from within the church but are also open to those from without who God may call to come and join us. For more information, check out HERE. Apply if you are interested. And also feel free to spread the word to others you know who may be a good fit.

From @immanuelchicago on Twitter