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If you or someone you know is a Christian and a doctor, nurse, or medical assistant, there is a great opportunity to serve right in our church’s neighborhood on Saturday, September 30th!

Our North American Mission Board is bringing an amazing, new mobile clinic to the ABLA homes and is asking for members of local churches to provide the workers. Check out this short video here that shows you what the trucks they use look like. We will provide free medical care and share the gospel and point people to our church.

Spread the word and if you’re interested in volunteering, go to this site –


A church is a people, not a building. Yet it is extremely helpful for a church to have a permanent space to gather in for fellowship, worship, and discipleship. A church building provides a great platform from which to proclaim the Good News, not only on Sundays, but throughout the week. And it speaks to everyone that the church is committed to its neighborhood for the long-haul.

It is especially hard to find such spaces in the center of the city. After a couple years of prayerful searching, God has given us a strategic opportunity to buy the building we have been renting (a 3,000 sq. ft. storefront) PLUS the building next door (a 3-story apartment building). This will allow us to secure a place in our rapidly changing neighborhood so that we can continue to do the ministry Christ has called us to. For less than the average monthly price of renting a public school auditorium just on Sunday mornings, we can have this building 24/7 and continue to house 3 churches with all kinds of added ministry flexibility! We are currently under contract and planning to close in late June.

The buildings will require some work, though. There are much needed improvements that we will now have the ability to do as owners. We want to give the building a new, attractive façade and better entrances and exits. We also would like to connect the two structures and make the first floor of the apartment building into a lobby, conference room, office, and kitchen. This would significantly improve the usability of the space and make it a more welcoming environment.

This is all exciting and scary. We will be spending every cent of our savings as a down payment to buy the properties and so we are looking to fundraise $175,000 in order to ensure continued cash flow and pay for remodeling. We know that there are hundreds of people now scattered around the world that have been impacted by the ministry here and so we are asking friends, family, and former members to pray for this project and consider giving a generous financial contribution to help it succeed.

Our vision is to be a long-term, stable gospel witness in the great city of Chicago that starts other churches in other parts of the city. We really believe that owning and renovating this space will set us up well for the future so we can continue doing this important work.

$175,000 is just 175 people giving $1,000. But of course anything you can give will be a huge investment in the kingdom!




Hi IBC Family!

It’s that time again! I am putting together the volunteer schedule for the fall and need your help!

If you are currently serving on one of the volunteer teams, you should be getting an email this weekend and can respond to that email. If you are not currently a volunteer but would like to be, please email me or let me know at church this Sunday! We could always use help with the Children’s Ministries and with Tear-Down.

Thanks so much!


admin at immanuel dash baptist dot net

IBC – Let’s send some love to Lawrie while she’s away working at camp for the summer. The Avinks are going to put together a care package to send in the next few weeks. Bring items and notes to send to Lawrie this Sunday (7/5) or next (7/12) and put them in the big box marked Lawrie’s package. It will be in the back under the welcoming table. Think 16-year-old summer care package (notes, Scripture cards, candy, snacks, fun summer items, etc.).

Email Lindsey with questions.

Cassie is making the schedule for the volunteer teams in the new year, things like Set-Up and Tear-Down and welcoming and worship team and Kids’ Corner, etc… – the stuff that often goes unnoticed but is such a huge service. If you’d like to help out in any way, please contact her at admin at

$325 / 2000ft² – $325 Room for rent tri-Taylor male/Christian (Tri-Taylor)

2453 W. Grenshaw St. Newer building. Granite counter tops. Newer appliances. 2.5 baths. Available August 1st. . Plenty of storage. Back and from gated yard. Garage for bikes. W/D in unit. Central heat and A/C. Christian, young professional housemates. Plenty of permit-free parking in front of house. We are hoping to find someone that is willing to share the master bedroom, master bath, and large walk-in closet with a 27 year old electrical engineer.

Please contact Michael E.

Megan is moving Friday, August 1st, and needs someone who would be wiling to go to Indiana with her. She has to leave the truck in Lafayette, so she needs a person willing to either drive the truck (10′ long) or her car, and then drive back with her in her car. She also needs help with a few of her larger items, like her mattress. She can pay $100, and she wants to start Friday morning at 7:30 AM.

If anyone is interested and available, let her know!

The Waglers’ car got stolen last night and they currently have a rental car. They were wondering if anyone at church might have a car seat they are not using (preferably one without bed bugs).

Contact them if you can help.

Can anyone give the Ennises a ride to Midway airport this Sunday, June 29th, at 8:30 AM? They’re also looking for someone to pick them up on Saturday, July 5th, at 4:00 PM. You could use their car if need be and drive it back to their place.

If so, contact Tracy.

Hi Everyone!

Just as a reminder: The Meeting Place Spring Cleaning will be starting tomorrow around 9:00 AM (Prayer Meeting is at 8:00 AM; Worship Team will be rehearsing from 9:00 to 10:00 AM)!

We will want to do our normal cleaning duties and hit a few things that needed touch up and repair as well as deep cleaning.

These areas include touching up stains in the carpet, dusting places that normally do not get cleaned, washing all of the glass windows, organizing the shelves & closets, cleaning the coffee area, the visitors center, organizing the Kids Corner, touch up paint, weed, mulch, & landscape around the trees in front, clean up all trash around the building, weed-wack around the building, organizing the chairs and the Bibles, cleaning around the stage and instruments and anything else that we can do to make the place into an inviting house of worship.

Thank you all for participating!

Philip Wagler

Deacon of Facilities

From @immanuelchicago on Twitter