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Be advised: this upcoming Sunday the Chicago Marathon will be winding through our city, including a large part of the UIC Area (Taylor to Ashland to 18th Street west of Halsted).

In years past we used to have our service in the afternoon or evening, but the last couple years we have met at our normal time of 10:45 AM and it has worked just fine. Just plan ahead and leave early.

Walking or biking is best. If you have to drive you can get off on Roosevelt Road from the 90/94 exit.

Here is the website with more information.


If you or someone you know is a Christian and a doctor, nurse, or medical assistant, there is a great opportunity to serve right in our church’s neighborhood on Saturday, September 30th!

Our North American Mission Board is bringing an amazing, new mobile clinic to the ABLA homes and is asking for members of local churches to provide the workers. Check out this short video here that shows you what the trucks they use look like. We will provide free medical care and share the gospel and point people to our church.

Spread the word and if you’re interested in volunteering, go to this site –

The 12th District Police Department is putting on a Summer Fest for all area churches on SATURDAY, JUNE 24th, from 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM at ADDAMS-MEDILL PARK (1301 W. 14TH ST.) There will be: Face Painting, Soccer Demos, Bingo Games, Basketball Games, Double Dutch, Food / Refreshments, Volleyball Prizes, Paw Patrol, and music by D.J. Donell.

Summer Volleyball in the park starts back up this Sunday. It will be every 2nd and 4th Sunday (unless it’s raining or under 50 degrees). It starts at 4:00 PM. This week it will be at the lot to the south of Arrigo Park just west of Racine. Invite friends and neighbors!

Palm Sunday – Tomorrow marks the beginning of Holy Week as we remember the entrance of Jesus to Jerusalem for the final week of his pre-resurrection life. Jonathan will be preaching to us from Psalm 27.

Liquid Lunches – Monday through Friday we are recommending that people fast from solid food and use the lunch time to pray. We will be sending out a prayer guide with Scriptures and topics to help you focus this time.

Good Friday – We will be having a service of singing and Scripture meditation with a short devotional from Theo as we reflect on the meaning of the death of Christ. 6:45 PM at The Meeting Place.

Outreach Saturday – We want EVERYONE to participate in some part of this day. It will begin with a brief prayer meeting at The Meeting Place at 10:30 AM. Then we will go out and do surveys at several foot-traffic hot spots throughout the UIC Area, asking questions about Easter that could lead to spiritual conversations. Then at 1:00 PM we will be having an Easter Egg Hunt Outreach at Arrigo Park. Please be inviting people to this! We emailed out a digital invitation this week and will have printed copies for you to take at the service tomorrow and share with friends and classmates.

Easter Sunday – In lieu of Table Talk there will be a brunch for everyone at 9:30 AM before the service.

The week leading up to Easter is always a big week in the life of Immanuel. Here’s what to expect this year:

4/9 – Palm Sunday (Jonathan will be preaching to kick off our week together)

4/10-15 – ‘Liquid Lunches’ (this year’s suggested fast is no solid food for lunches; we’ll be sending out prayer guides so you can use that time to focus spiritually)

4/14 – Good Friday Service (a contemplative service with songs, readings, and a brief message on the atonement from Theo)

4/15 – Prayer and Outreach (in the morning we’ll gather at The Meeting Place to pray together and then go out across the UIC Area to do surveys that will lead to spiritual conversations about Easter; then in the afternoon we’ll also be having an Easter Egg hunt for kids at Arrigo Park where the gospel will be presented; we’d like everyone to participate in at least one of these outreach events)

4/16 – Brunch and Celebration Service (before worship there will be a spread of breakfast food to eat together!)

Check out this book review just published at In it Pastor Nathan explains some of the vision for our new Mercy Ministry that John, Sarah K., Lydia, Becky, and Christian are working on.

This Sunday is the second Sunday of September. You know what that means – volleyball at Arrigo Park at 4:00 PM!

REMINDER: There’s volleyball this Sunday (6/12) at the field just south of Arrigo Park and just west of Racine at 4:00 PM. Invite friends, roommates, family, neighbors, and/or coworkers!

For more info, contact Rosario.


A church is a people, not a building. Yet it is extremely helpful for a church to have a permanent space to gather in for fellowship, worship, and discipleship. A church building provides a great platform from which to proclaim the Good News, not only on Sundays, but throughout the week. And it speaks to everyone that the church is committed to its neighborhood for the long-haul.

It is especially hard to find such spaces in the center of the city. After a couple years of prayerful searching, God has given us a strategic opportunity to buy the building we have been renting (a 3,000 sq. ft. storefront) PLUS the building next door (a 3-story apartment building). This will allow us to secure a place in our rapidly changing neighborhood so that we can continue to do the ministry Christ has called us to. For less than the average monthly price of renting a public school auditorium just on Sunday mornings, we can have this building 24/7 and continue to house 3 churches with all kinds of added ministry flexibility! We are currently under contract and planning to close in late June.

The buildings will require some work, though. There are much needed improvements that we will now have the ability to do as owners. We want to give the building a new, attractive façade and better entrances and exits. We also would like to connect the two structures and make the first floor of the apartment building into a lobby, conference room, office, and kitchen. This would significantly improve the usability of the space and make it a more welcoming environment.

This is all exciting and scary. We will be spending every cent of our savings as a down payment to buy the properties and so we are looking to fundraise $175,000 in order to ensure continued cash flow and pay for remodeling. We know that there are hundreds of people now scattered around the world that have been impacted by the ministry here and so we are asking friends, family, and former members to pray for this project and consider giving a generous financial contribution to help it succeed.

Our vision is to be a long-term, stable gospel witness in the great city of Chicago that starts other churches in other parts of the city. We really believe that owning and renovating this space will set us up well for the future so we can continue doing this important work.

$175,000 is just 175 people giving $1,000. But of course anything you can give will be a huge investment in the kingdom!




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