Last week we introduced Missional Moments – weekly blurbs by people in our church about something they do/have done that’s missional in the city. The hope is that these get us all thinking creatively about ways that we could engage with the city more for the sake of the gospel. First we heard about Toby & Cassie opening their home to kids in need. This week Adam & Sara tell of their involvement with a growing concern and phenomenon in our city:

Last summer, we found a booth at the Pilsen Farmer’s Market for a community garden just a couple blocks away from our home (the garden’s at 21st & Sangamon). We went to a couple meetings and got involved. Check out their blog: It’s a great way to meet people, get experience raising and harvesting crops, and contribute to the greening of Chicago (which both fulfills Chicago’s original plan of being a “city in a garden” and, in a small way, makes it resemble Paradise, the garden-like City that is to come). And this greening is a small way we try to counteract the air pollution that belches out of the smoke stack on Cermak in Pilsen. If you want to join our garden, you can have a bed all to yourself, or share it with someone. There are other community gardens growing in the UIC Area too. We really recommend joining one. It’s really fun!