Hello Immanuel!

I don’t know how much you already heard about me… so now it’s possible that you’ll hear some things a second time. 🙂

Well, as you might know I am from Germany. My complete name is Katharina Hanna Walter. I am born in Bamberg – which is a wonderful little city in north of Bavaria (see the picture). My parents still live there and in the last week before travelling to Chicago I was with my family. I have two sisters (25 and 17 years old) and one brother (21). Perhaps you ask yourself how old I am… well, I am 27 – the eldest, but actually the smallest of us.

When I am not visiting my family in Bamberg or making big journeys to the States 🙂 I study Theology near to Berlin. It’s not exactly in Berlin but in a little village close to it – it’s called “Elstal”. When I came to Elstal – four years ago – I started with one year of BibleSchool and after it I went on with studying Theology. So I had four very special years in Elstal, but I noticed that I miss the practice, because the study is very theoretical and so I decided to do a study-break (because there still are two years left).

But actually the desire to go to the United States was there before. Perhaps you know that sentence “Once in my life I want to do…” and my sentence was “Once in my life I want to go to the US”. I decided that this sentence would not just be a wish but that it becomes reality. Two years ago I started with thinking about what I’d like to do and what possibilities are out there. I just knew that I want to make an internship in a BaptistChurch (because I’m a Baptist and studying also at the Theological Seminary of the German Baptists).

It was a funny way how I found Immanuel – God has a really good sense of humour! At google I found a website called http://www.usachurch.com and the interesting thing is that during all the months before starting making this wish reality I had Chicago in mind. I don’t know why Chicago… actually the Hollywood movie industry influenced me more to New York. 🙂 But there wasn’t New York in my heart and mind but Chicago. So I put “Chicago – Illinois” into the church finder, “Baptist” and “under 200” (I didn’t want to be in such a big church because I wanted to get to know all the church members – to feel more as in a family). And there it was “ImmanuelBaptistChurch” and I was sticking to it. So I wrote an email to Pastor Nathan and asked him if there is a possibility to make an internship at Immanuel… and two years later – with many ups and downs – I’m here. And I’m really grateful for this! Lately I arrived in Chicago – praise the Lord!

I’m looking forward to get to know you! I hope I can be a blessing for Immanuel!

Many greetings and see you on Sunday! 🙂