Some of us IBC folk are having a meal swap this winter, and we’re wondering if anyone else wants to join! A meal swap takes some work, but has great rewards. Here’s a little bit about how it works:

1. Each participant (let’s say there are four people participating) chooses a dish to prepare that freezes well, serves at least six people, and costs between $7-$12. Let’s say that you choose to make enchiladas.

2. The participants let each other know if they have any food allergies.

3. Each participant cooks that dish four times and freezes them in disposable dishes. In other words, you would make four pans of enchiladas, each serving six people.

4. He/she keeps one meal for themselves and takes the other three to the swap.

5. Everyone leaves the swap with three new meals to put in their freezer!

I hope that makes sense. For some people this would be a lot of food, but you wouldn’t have to cook for awhile, or you could have people over for dinner!

We’re going to do the swap in early January, so I’d like to get it organized before Christmas. If you want to participate or have questions, send me an email at lindsey.avink.