In just over a week, a new congregation – The Church of the Beloved – will be planted in the city using The Meeting Place on Saturday nights! Immanuel has been heavily involved with this project at several levels because we want to be part of starting as many churches in Chicago in as many ways as we possibly can!

Maybe the concept of church planting is new to you. Or maybe you’ve looked at it before, but forgotten why it’s such a big deal. Please look over the fabulous article, Why Plant Churches?

It makes a great case that “a vigorous and continuous approach to church planting is the only way to guarantee an increase in the number of believers, and is one of the best ways to renew the whole body of Christ.

Also, we could still use about 4 more volunteers to help with Nursery during Church of the Beloved’s first couple services. This would be a great service to them and a tangible way you can be part of church planting! Please email kids for more info.